Battles  Dulow vs QwertyContent


No rules!

Max of 64 lines


Dulow won this battle!


  • Little wanna-be social media start wanna fight
  • Well you about to have your life total all right
  • With your structural bars bending, soon to break
  • Soon you'll be dysfunctional ending, this is a battle at stake
  • Just like your lines are about as straight as a circle
  • You're dying just like Vine, at this state you'll be turning purple
  • As your raps are copied from a poetry book
  • Yet you record it and try to hit it with a hook
  • You'll be rhyming like a poetaster
  • You'll be hiding, you no master
  • For a guy who talks so much shit, your records are just a mumble jumble
  • I'ma 'bout to make this home run hit, the warnings I gave make you rumble tumble
  • 'Bout to call the chef to cook you up after you are burnt
  • Then gonna need a ref to get this rookie unearthed
  • I'll be at McDonalds going "bada bum bum bum" on yo head
  • Shove you in a bottle going "huma hum hum hum" til yo dead
  • Smack you in the head til your brain rattles
  • I'ma be like Juice in my rap battles
  • And as for those girls you say you fuck, that'd be your sister and your mom


  • No u gay bitch
  • Why did you hit the gay switch

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