Battles  QwertyContent vs Dulow


Freestyle battle, NO SHOTS. Dulow, hit me hard with those bars.

Max of 64 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


  • I am the rap battle god
  • I’m hitting my lines with a rod
  • Reel it in the bars with a hook
  • Lyrical identification beyond a book
  • Gotta keep spitting my verse
  • Then I gotta sit down and rehearsal
  • My word play has the highest ratings
  • Look at school plays, the audience is hating
  • Gotta keep hold of the topic
  • I pull out raps outta my pocket
  • Keep my rhymes, oh, not in the dictionary
  • Keep my flow smoother than dick-in-dairy
  • You know I freestyle
  • Use fingers for typestyle
  • Keep on the 100 trending
  • The title goat i’m defending
  • During battle, keep the heat
  • Don’t get rattled, there's no defeat
  • Keep on topic, keep going
  • Make beat go hoppin, keep flowin’
  • Use slang, unique words
  • They go “dang”, eat cheese curds
  • Make your point, slap Dulow
  • I’m on point, time to step it low
  • I’m in momma mode
  • Got yo ass sold
  • Wait a minute, hold the phone
  • I see it move, a small gnome


  • Compare me to a million dollars
  • They wish they had a billion dollars
  • They wanna fuck wit her
  • They wanna wear fur
  • I’ma just crash and burn
  • I am gonna stop and learn
  • I am lonely, so I hit the club, see a hot stripper
  • I’ma watch her dance, pull down her pant, and tip-her
  • That girl, soon she’ll drive me insane
  • She’s a cobra that cannot be tamed
  • I’ma obey as she says
  • She puts me her way
  • I am gonna overdose
  • Then whip out my firehose
  • I’ll go and flow with the river
  • I’ma lie low, yes I did her
  • I’ma have some forbidden fruit for dinner
  • Then ima hit her with a finisher
  • I’ms let it rush in like a river
  • It went so deep it hit her liver
  • Then I walk out the door
  • Security walks up, I mop him to the floor
  • Jump in my ‘rari and take off
  • Next day I have a job that i’m laid off
  • I'm just gonna play games
  • I always play the same lames
  • It’s like playing “Where’s Waldo”
  • I think he’s in Colorado
  • That’s where my ex girl is
  • I know my current girl calls her sis
  • My last hoe flopped like a fish
  • Steak and fries on a dish
  • Season it, call the chef
  • Seasons up, call the ref

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