Battles  Dulow vs QwertyContent


This is a serious battle(First one we've done here) Rules: Don't vote over popularity. 2. Don't use any type of look-up for rhymes or lines

Max of 64 lines


Dulow won this battle!


  • Ok so you are QWERTY, using the wrong set-up, you forgot to turn off CAPS LOCK
  • Like you tryna play it dirty, time fo you to letup, so i'ma make this rap like a Brass Lock
  • Looks like you got a couple of broken keys, can't get into your home page
  • You age just a broken piece as you fill up in your own rage
  • Keep typing like that, you'll be full of mistakes, keep hitting the L button for your loss
  • You can't write, your keyboard grammatical issues are a mistake, like the X's you get for your incorrect lyrical cross
  • Your raps are just as broken as your keyboard, in the wrong order, turning into DVORAK
  • Your raps of which are never spoken about like the forgotten sea lord, left behind and killed like Von Hoerner, looks like you ran out of your luck
  • Everytime you record, you seem so off-key, can't keep your finger strokes in flow
  • When you text a girl, they hit ignore, you a baby so got to treat you softly, you need to take a nappy nap you know
  • From Michigan, you are as broken as a Ford, but more broke in the bank, can't seem to afford
  • I'm still this hidden, you are broken, cannot restore, still shooting blanks, and you lie about how you record
  • With your bars as strong as hollow plastic, collapses in when they stack, not making any sense
  • I'ma burn you up and follow up with a classic, perhaps you will crack, and end you like TooSense
  • When you lose, you'll block me and leave rappad like Dr Nova
  • Your songs still get no views, it's "Kick yo ass o' clock" and you'll rap bad, decline over
  • I'ma go on a purge with my lines like PsychoPuppet and leave the body in the road to make it look like roadkill
  • I'll surge with the flow with nighttime rhymes and you are a little finger puppet on the floor, but won't admit it wasn't my kill
  • You may be Achilles in war, but i'm the arrow that hit you in the ankle, 1 shot and I win
  • I'll be the whole series down to the core, with a narrow path at an angle, you still stuck with the same old sins
  • You say you are the tiger, so I must be the poacher, being the top of the food chain like i’m the top in a fire fight
  • I am the Liger, end you on Halloween in October, make your candy spill and rain for the entire night
  • You think your so-called talent is so Xclusive, but your rap skills are like MCRuthless, keeping your losing streaks
  • I am balanced with conclusive wins, leaving you with rashes and MC Toothless, i’m still winning with amusing tricks
  • I’m sick and tired of using basic lines with basic rhymes and try to use them against me, that is basic shots, like you have basic loses, and lucky ties
  • Seeing that you cannot see you gonna die, you gonna need Lasik to fix yo eyes, but even then you’d have E- plots that refuses your demise
  • It’s about time to plot my points and solve for X, solve all my problems starting with you
  • Solving my problems are like a multiple choice and not very complex, so i’ll be departing my class after my review
  • I went to Troubleshoot my problems in life and found a bug in the coding, so gotta solve my problems by uninstalling you
  • Why did you have to pollute my matrix and keep me from loading, the world doesn't revolve around you, it is repelling as your stalling too
  • Looks like your hard drive is very limited, is that why you always use the same fucking rhymes?
  • You always have short strides and your memory space is never visited, i'm just not hoping this is your primes
  • I'm just gonna do this freestyle run like 80HD, say what I think and what I think happens to be facts revealed from the abyss
  • Like “Bitch you have ADHD” as you cannot pay attention to more than half a thing, like card games and dragons that you cannot resist
  • When you get upset, you'll spam like James and then not listen when you are being cheated
  • You think of everything as a threat, like when you be called names, you're the definition of defeated


  • Ok little man Dulow, thinks he can freestyle like eminem, but still burning himself
  • You know i’ma play it low, doesn’t have a unique style, you have low net income, don’t play with fire by yourself
  • I’ll send you back to Grand Rapids where the river never flows, dump you off a bridge and walk like a Serial Killa that undiscovered
  • When you try to spit a verse, I never froze, yet I leave you in the fridge, when I take you out, you seem to be experiencing “lost a battl-i-tist” doesn’t look like you’d ever recover
  • Your A+ lyrics stand for “Ass plus membership” for some gay porn site, I know you get those gay porno magazines from the dollar store
  • So fuck you are your C+ critics, guess I’ll need to use censorship, as you look at Corn Hub on your phone at night, be sleeping in your ragged jeans and still tryna be an honest whore
  • It looks like it is about Time To have a stroke and put a wet dick in yo ass and talk about your bullshit Struggle To Success and stop tryna vibe with JuiceWrld beats, you are not worthy
  • Looks like you auto-look your rhymes too, like you out of money, always broke, how about you go ahead and try to fuck Saint Nick and express your subscribe to yourself and end your own world since you always talk about yourself being unworthy
  • You tremble at your Relationship Endings that you never experienced, only in your dreams that you make up, talking about the girls you never had, your mom doesn’t count
  • You never had the friendship friends that you thought you had, so inexperienced, with your 70s theme hairline and that look of the Chad don’t put all your wins on me to account
  • You wanna say you my Daddy, but you are nothing more than an orphan child lost in Chicago, trying to steal goldfish from fish tanks of an elderly woman's house
  • You are just a catty pussy that isn’t wet, had nothing in the inside and never had fun in Santiago, just gonna leave you like a smoked fish and snap you in a trap like a mouse
  • You gonna try to do Qwerty dirty? Well you can’t even go from A to B, you just say it is F for all the failures you done over your time
  • Well you won’t make it past these next thirty and you got the ref calling the season for team A and B, leave you behind like a weak sailor, over run all this lyrical chime
  • Seems like you had One Too Many Pills with your voice crack sounding like you just finished sucking dog dick
  • Looks like I had Some Missed Kills, but don’t worry, i’ll fill you with surrounding pain and make you very sick
  • Ima pack all my lines like I pack my lunch box, fill it up with a main dish of roasted Dulow, desert full of sweet revenge with a side dish of victory
  • I’ll have to shove you in the junk box, get myself some roasted chicken with the flow, with some sliced cake out for the concert, something you cannot avenge, isn’t it a mystery
  • You are just like the Ads on this site, popping up everywhere for attention
  • How about you just pack your bags you could go anywhere, so start off with detention
  • You never have a good finisher, so i'ma end this off with the cheesy crust at the end
  • You always pinning her comments, but like I always told you, nobody is your friend
  • Signing out~ Qwerty

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