Battles  QwertyContent vs Dulow


Freestyle with the beat I sent you on discord Dulow You better show your true power of your freestyle, you haven't showed how good youareyet

Max of 64 lines


Dulow won this battle!


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  • Welcome to my throne
  • This is called my home
  • This is where I roam
  • The haters are turned to stone
  • They say i'm from Rome
  • My parents are Irish Gnomes
  • Went from rags to middle class
  • Kick these fags to lower class
  • Think you from a gang
  • You'll be poisoned from my fangs
  • Real gangsta in my blood
  • I'll cut you open and let it flood
  • Soon i'll take your life
  • All it takes is a knife
  • With a glock, shot five times
  • Times ticking, ticking with them rhymes
  • You suck my dick like magic
  • When you choke, that's not tragic
  • Just don't bite it off, not a glizzy in a bun
  • Just don't fight it, not even rejecting my own son
  • Even if you a cheat-a
  • I'll take him to the clean-a
  • I'll take him and leave yo hoe ass behind
  • I'll lose my money for it to not be refined
  • I once thought of you in my head
  • Ever since then, you have been naked in my bed
  • I shoulda been careful for what I wished for
  • I shoulda been careful, I ended up with a whore
  • My career spitting raps, and working a fast food
  • My life is right here, I was born in the hood
  • In Grand Rapids I be, it ain't like Chicago
  • Left my homies back in New York, hernando
  • Why do I have to challenged my chances
  • It's not like my luck ever enhances
  • But knowing my luck
  • She'll suck my duck
  • I need to finish my dish
  • She catches my like a fish
  • Always with a hook
  • She reads me like a book
  • Shot her with a nuke
  • Must've been a fluke
  • She's a bad nigga too
  • Counting my stacks like one-two
  • You must be a fool
  • To think my life is cool
  • It is a useful as a broken tool
  • You'll roll me up like a spool
  • I'll be eating noodle
  • Calling me "Oh Toodles"
  • I brought you everything
  • You never did anything
  • You left me like i'm nothing
  • You used my dick for fun things
  • Now my life is in slow mode
  • In the matrix, changing the code
  • I know she hates tricks
  • She always is with pricks
  • She's a crack addict
  • She's a rap fagot
  • Now stop.


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  • ~start 0:11
  • Why do you have to challenge me
  • It's been 3 times
  • Do you ever learn from your mistakes
  • You know my rhymes
  • I'm the freestyle king
  • Only need 3 percent, that's the only thing
  • Nigga please don't test me
  • Soon you be under arrest, see
  • Took your Pirate ship
  • While you lick your lips
  • Now you lost at sea
  • Now i'm laughing, he he
  • I'm a white knight
  • Naw, i'm a killa in the night
  • I'm the darkness in the light
  • For you, this was no fight
  • Like this rap, I won after all that hype
  • You wanna talk to her, but your not her type
  • The voting difference will be like 1792
  • Getting 100 percent the votes
  • During winter, you be wearing a coat
  • When I say my rhymes
  • You melt because there's no lies
  • Your mom isn't even on your side
  • When you see me, you always hide
  • You tryna fuck your girl
  • Oh, now that's mine
  • Oh, damn, she is fine
  • Outta ten, she's a nine
  • I'll take her out for a dine
  • Oh, you must be a fool
  • You were never cool
  • You are only ashes my rap created
  • Looks like you were cremated
  • But anways I got your girl
  • She in my bed
  • My dick in her head
  • Now I have the feds
  • They are coming for your head
  • Soon you'll be dead
  • What's the last words you said?
  • I don't have time, to deal with a dumbass
  • Hollow in the head, you be eatin grass
  • Got a gofund me page for your grass
  • You can't even afford free things
  • Soon i'll be recording, as a king

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