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Max of 64 lines


Dulow won this battle!


  • My lyrical insights are one in a million
  • Normally you the killa, now you the victim
  • You're like the Wii U, the weakest of the family
  • Almost like Sri Ku, you need treated sanity
  • Thinking you belong here on RapPad
  • You're from Dearborn, so you just rap bad
  • You make alts to try and be lucid
  • It's all your fault you can't make proper music
  • All you care about are A-cup boobs, tryna eat her nipples like some skittles
  • Sorry to interrupt your oops, but that a big mistake, you'll always be a singles
  • You think you can keep up with the battle style
  • You always seem to keep up with the handle brothers dick style
  • You think you live in a life full of porn
  • Well it's about time to blow the horn
  • Wake up punk, stop dreaming of those things
  • Tryna go up-town funk, well 'bout time to take a beating from the strings
  • Well Qwerty, time to disassemble the keyboard
  • Time to make you instrumental and in proper order, time to press ignore
  • You hitting the wrong keys, well know you locked out
  • I'd make you go on your knees, time to take shocked route
  • I'll make you bow down to the king
  • Slay you like a cow and cooked meat they will bring
  • Just to feed it to the trash
  • You were born outta trash
  • Punk!


  • Tryna diss me with cute little insults
  • Yet you miss me with brute results
  • Tryna get all in me, you are the imposter
  • Standing up to drama my posture is like a mobster
  • As you try to sell your lines like a prostitute
  • Tryna rhyme with a constitute
  • But you forget the whole thing
  • I'll perfect myself as king
  • Make you stop copy and pasting my old verses used in battles
  • As you are just wasting my time as you keep on being a broken channel
  • Need the remote to switch you out of my eyesight
  • You just devote yourself to lose a fight and act childlike
  • Like this one, getting torn up in discord
  • E-girl joined, you gonna message her for a reward
  • So sick, and you don't get nudes
  • You just get dick pics from dudes
  • This may be rappad, but got nothin to lose
  • And not those battles that they had you for the choose
  • I'm the saibaman, your the Yamcha
  • Just try me man, You know I caught ya
  • Maximize my anger, i'll explode
  • Sacrifice was the code of the road
  • The road that you are on

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