Battles  QwertyContent vs Dulow


You have 2 minutes to write your rap

Max of 64 lines


Dulow won this battle!


  • I'll sink you like the Titanic
  • Make this rap something for you to panic
  • I'ma break you down and turn you organic
  • Nothing can fix you, not even a Mechanic
  • No Doctor wanna deal with that shit
  • You try to unlock her with a permit
  • Last I checked your hair look a lot like my mop head
  • You got wrecked and you say this not fair, just go to bed
  • A lot of your raps may be A+, but can't keep your grades past a C
  • I'll make this a presentation, A+ with a C for Extra Credit
  • Better make this your exam, only this one you will not pass
  • I'll post your idiocy on the Gram, for this rap that you cannot harass
  • You may have 25 wins, but you have 70% wins after these last 2 battles


  • Ok, you wanna say uncle now or do it after you fall?
  • I'll leave you in the jungle and it will leaving you looking small
  • You may have beaten Arete with a 20/12, but i'm sure this will end with you having Zero
  • I'll just leave you in the streets on 20-12 avenue, you were never a hero
  • I'll dump you like chemicals, down the drain and never think about it again
  • Then i'll launch air missiles, and launch em at the brain you'll be praying, amen
  • You tryna take on number one on the weekly, but I'd rather keep my place
  • I'ma take you on like a hunter, always won, you a weakling, try to keep up the pace
  • Rapping for 7 years?
  • You mean you rap like a 7 year
  • I'll end you like the U.S did to Japan in World War Two
  • I'll make this rap into a bomb and blow you apart

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