Battles  BigJake vs Web_Alternate


Talk about how fucked up this world is

Max of 18 lines


Web_Alternate won this battle!


  • Living in the hood ain't easy
  • When I make enough money like a bug I'll flee
  • Seeing niggas get shot for no reason
  • It's always winter blooded no matter what season
  • Hoes are basically semen dumpsters
  • She lies to you guys but not the numbers
  • People wanna believe the ball with a ring they IQ fell
  • Fuck this world bro I can tell most are going to Hell


  • I live on this planet I'm not of this planet oh damn it
  • I will rapidly say this until I'm dead in a casket
  • Let it rain but I've been a blue guy ever since it came
  • Plus it's hard to make easy bread when you go against the grain
  • Plus it's hard to date when the times have changed the way it's arranged
  • The only thing social media did was make people deranged
  • Plus the way the new is raised these hoes just stay bitter
  • Facebook Instagram TikTok and don't forget Twitter
  • But even in this chaos I still hold my head up high
  • I may not have wings but still I know I get up fly
  • You say I'm gutless? I rather be gutless than have a gut
  • Are you pregnant Sir? Guessing your guy friend went bare then had to bust
  • I kinda lack nuts so I stole some from a fucking store
  • Now I can spread this peanut butter inside a fucking whore
  • I wish these creatures would wake up or the dreams are best gone
  • Because for those that have it like a mattress their always slept on

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