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Talk about self realization about stuff you learned in life be introspective. Also your verse doesn't have to be recorded.

Max of 24 lines


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  • What am I gonna do when I'm feeling lost?
  • Feel stabbed in the back and I'm feeling crossed
  • Every time I go outside and I'm feeling watched
  • Every time I'm wasting time and I kill the watch
  • Discouraging my game in the fill to stop
  • Hoping that I would stop not fulfill my spot
  • Hoping that I would get popped in the field in shot
  • Hoping that my heart stops beating readings drop
  • Who am I gonna trust when the worlds corrupt?
  • All just lust for the urge to hunt
  • All I'm worth is a quarter in stuff
  • Conditions must be made in order to love
  • Understanding humans and the feelings disgust
  • Of how messed up we are and I feel I discuss
  • The reason is it is not the technology
  • It is that we cannot think logically
  • We screw ourselves up we just hate to admitted
  • So we blame other things just to say and committed
  • It's not my fault your life is a train wreck
  • You drove to the left and crushed your dang neck
  • You decided to smoke that wanted to get crap
  • Laid up eating crap you wanted to get fat
  • Listening to crap influenced by that
  • You chose the death road the ruins in path


  • Nigga fuck you I smoke weed everyday
  • And I will keep smoking everyday
  • You sound like that faggot Fly
  • All my fucking life I have been pretty high
  • I slept with 5 hoes that sucked on my toes
  • Niggas be jealous that they get zero hoes
  • We call them virgins but now we have incels
  • That kid I mention might be 1 I can tell
  • Well it's been fun man great message I feel ya
  • Anyway I gotta go see ya

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