Battles  Web_Alternate vs BigJake


The man with the better rhymes win do your best.

Max of 38 lines


Web_Alternate won this battle!


  • These little ass antics got me going asthmatic
  • Fantastic, I gasp for breath every time I laugh at It
  • Reaching for my Inhaler exhaling crap
  • Out of my assets the Impaler I'm expecting fast
  • How many times do I have to advise the youth?
  • How many times do I have to provide the truth?
  • Humiliate this clown I be fucking glad fool
  • But you humiliate yourself so I don't have to
  • All In lock ready to go and brawl the bots
  • Already they all In got way before they called the cops
  • Webbing foes raw In knots webbing hoes with awe In snot
  • This weapon hold Is all I got wrecking holes with awesome shots
  • A hard right wrecking foes with crossing pop
  • Violence Is the cause I'm the effect pause In drop
  • Wolverine claws In pop, In a revealing manner
  • Your damage can't be healed so that's a healing factor
  • Kind of like when you wrecked your rep to no return
  • Your of no concern of apt except to go discern
  • To Hell on a quest to go burn, I'm destined Intending
  • Expecting a Heaven In yet In a blessing dimension
  • So have fun down there dwelling behind kissing ass
  • A 9 to 5 but when they fart your sniffing gas
  • I wear a mask but that don't mean my life Is so
  • I'm butt naked with no cloths I'm exposed then It goes
  • You talk about dicks so much chicks think he such a dick
  • Lil Jake wasn't enough In fit he sucks dick at fucking chicks
  • Just as much as he sucks dick at beating drums In shit
  • Yet he don't mind getting beat behind his drums with bricks
  • By bricks I mean hard ons, didn't need to fall In college
  • Yo fuck favors he was doing his boy Jamal a solid
  • Web Alternate alternating between missions
  • Giving ass kickings to both of these bastard chickens
  • It's Jake and Jamal oven roast baking em raw
  • Serving em on a dinner plate feast craving to y'all
  • Let this be a lesson to Jake this verse Is the standard
  • If not Improving mind your manners and master


  • You think you dope? look at the dope shit I wrote
  • Niggas be washing this niggas ass If he dropped the soap
  • Fuck 38 I'm only writing down 10 fucking bars
  • You can't swing on webs all day homie you won't get far
  • Yo lyrics Is subpar, just so you know you below
  • I ain't sucking off Jamal I'm sucking off your hoe
  • No offense bro It's common sense bro I ain't no noob
  • But most these niggas lost they V to they hand and some lube
  • Never saw boobs or a P yet claim they did It
  • I'm better than you bitch niggas just hate to admitted

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