Battles  BigJake vs Web_Alternate


No rules just rhyme about anything.

Max of 18 lines


Web_Alternate won this battle!


  • I'm so good at what I do it gets me paid
  • I stand up and ask chicks out and it gets me laid
  • Never had a problem letting thing get known
  • Only 1 man can really rule throne
  • So I take it upon myself just to do it
  • So sick of people trying to abuse it
  • And I'm just what the fuck
  • To avoid the consequences then you duck


  • Yo is it me or does the weak complain the most?
  • You feel inadequate that's why you place in boast
  • When you know you suck a dime you can't get a sack
  • That's why your girl left you and you can't get her back
  • She left you hanging now she's hung on the other guy
  • That guy could be me I had her pleased the other night
  • She told me you were a little guy with a fat tongue
  • You ate her up what is she a snack? You on crack son?
  • You act like you straight on the attack you will smack none
  • Get back before I unleased the max you get smacked done
  • I'm making sense you making cents I'm making thousands
  • I'm so intense your so in tense I'm making countless
  • Did you really think people would forget about me?
  • I'm a freaking legend you can't do without these
  • I punched you in your stupid face now go home
  • And I'll just keep getting my it sucked so so

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