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Whatsup I'm new

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Web_Alternate won this battle!


  • Yo I'm big Jake the coolest dude In school
  • I rather fucked the 70 percent of the hoes In school
  • Yeah nigga let me smoke my fucking weed
  • Chill In my room smoking my fucking weed
  • Then get on my bike and go the store
  • Buy me some chips and a drink that's forsure
  • Girl text me on my phone while I'm watching a movie
  • Better get me some Ice cream I hate smoothies
  • Aight home boy yo It's been fun
  • But this rap shit for now I'm done


  • Woo got that off my chest like the best breast reduction
  • A stress release plus I got the rest adjusting
  • I'm sick to where I can do less to Impress the bunching
  • Your sick to where you sexually molest yo cousin
  • Your acting crazy, yet you like to flip the scrip
  • And say he's crazy, he's bringing light so hit the switch
  • These dimwits always telling me to quit the quips
  • But I'm to bright enough to make the sun quit the pitch
  • Hitting the highest notes a error tone
  • I can't tell If he's a bass or a baritone
  • But they can tell he's pretty deep with enough In depth
  • To make a Soprano scream through her fucking breath
  • I'm the janitor I'm cleaning up this fucking mess
  • I hate this job, so I had to fuck confess
  • And address to where the flaws of this place Is
  • Nothing complicated the problem here Is basic
  • It grew like It couldn't get any larger
  • They so stuck on stupid that they couldn't get any smarter
  • Change Is progress but your progress range lacks
  • This broken machine didn't give me my change back
  • People are shallow to an extent why forbid this?
  • He's a hidden fact yet they all hate to admitted
  • YouTube Is the closest thing to a time machine
  • A blast from the past back when It was time supreme

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