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Fuck it, let's do this We will assimilate you

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  • I think i figured it out, you put on a show but i think I unlocked the gate
  • You rapped about how you want to Jump off the ledge of the Empire state
  • Yeah i read your raps, you're an insecure asshole who feels like shit because of
  • the drugs that you scarf whole, you think you're high but you're not, just a guy
  • whose depressed cause no sex will alleviate your stress. What happened? Mommy left you
  • daddy fuck you? goo goo ga ga, want a diaper, go get bombed off Draino
  • and glue, Some things don't need to be read aloud well i'm taking all your secrets
  • and i'm airing them out, you think you had a chance but it's time to get out
  • you fucking useless piece of shit with girth the size of a house
  • If you want to die, then take this mic and shove it up your pipe
  • you tried a knife, it didn't take so you diss me to make you day bright
  • Cause you're depressed as shit and rap like a little kid, I found your weak spot
  • and i'm ripping it, If Not ME than Who g? You're a fake and a snake
  • and the last thing you'll see is my boot on your face, You spit sick shit
  • I respect that but get this: You'll never be as hard as me, i court tragedy
  • and am friends with death, I survived what was sent as a child and the
  • rest can be filed under don't give a shit. You said i needed some sense from
  • 2sense but here's my two cents, I don't follow the rest, If i did, i'd be like Buddon
  • before Eminem dissed him, but look little piston, you're choking on wisdom
  • You're a fake ass rapper with delusion of grandeur, cause you just lost your kingdom
  • to cancer. You wasted your life like Ike debased his wife, difference is, she's a
  • fighter, you're getting savaged and whiter, I wish i could upload this to Heaven
  • to show the devil I'm ready, to tear hell open cause i'm Sick of your shredding
  • You can diss me, I might fall but i'll come back to smash flat the mountains
  • of Nepal, Your nipples are screaming, they're raising a fuss
  • they're screaming: "god in the name of fuck help us"
  • your shirts don't fit and your face is a crime
  • I'll be back with the cheese to add to the whine
  • So before you respond, listen well
  • I'm about to drag you to HELL
  • V2
  • Every time chip hops on track his verse is fire
  • this nigga's situation is so bad its dire
  • heard you had a drug addiction sounds like bad luck
  • before you get shot you better hide and duck
  • Don't usually give sad niggas my effort
  • just graded your homework, ill give you D for effort
  • heard about your suicide attempt, tryna jump off buildings
  • Probably after you found out that i humped your mother
  • I heard you fucked your brother? this nigga weird and he into incest too
  • Why do i even bother tryna give clout to a broke nigga
  • your girl left you after cheating on you, she truly didn't give a fuck about your emotions
  • I'm giving off the notion that your special, now before i start a commotion you better flee
  • ima bee not afraid to sting ya, your a parasite, you feed off others
  • Ill alight your anxiety on fire nigga, you should know better than to mess with the secret society
  • Lights out, ain't no life in this nigga, i warned him he was treading on a tight rope
  • Oh well, at least he will finally realize I'm the Goat


  • Rap became my outlet, its how I use my power
  • I get myself charged on doubt and I'll go for hours
  • And the things I've done to Hell, they call battery
  • Using shock and awe, and Hell gets so mad at me
  • Fuck you and your parents, bet they are embarrassed
  • We know your dad is, still can't measure up to his merits
  • I've given a fuck, it's a pleasure to care less
  • You bitch like a slut, I'll treasure it when you perish
  • Jesus christ, your like a dog's that been kicked
  • Whimpering but still will come back and sit
  • Do you get off on this shit? I'll sock you again
  • And again till the day you say "stop it i quit"
  • Couple shots of some gin, and I'm unstoppable kid
  • Cause you beating me is impossible bitch
  • My last loss with the pen? God, think its been
  • Long time time since then, your not gonna win
  • You'll die, I said it, you fucking diabetic
  • And even if I'm a medic, I would let it
  • Happen, still mad when I got d q'd when I beat you
  • Rapping better than you could ever, I want credit
  • Why so petty? Why not, Freddy? Wanna see a murder
  • Watch how burn your ass alive, now ready?
  • Fucking chicken, I'm may just start grilling ya
  • You'll get roasted when I'm baked, then I'm killing ya
  • Shit your fat ass probably likes to be cooked
  • You hear chicken and look for another recipe book
  • Man im sittin' on so much ammo for these battles
  • Call me Rambo and you keep missing, I'm in camo
  • You said covid has got you in mom's basement
  • While I went out and bought my own place bitch
  • And when you die while eating from diabetes
  • I'll keep teasing your soul with rhymes so pleasing
  • So then dude, what's on the menu, can you
  • Share it? I know no carrots, i bet you got yo'
  • Self tacos, and Nachos, some hot toast, waffles
  • Eggs, turkey legs, cereal like cherrios or boxed oats
  • Potato chips, tomatoes, shit, do you say to-mah-toes?
  • I know you don't say "to my toes," you never saw those
  • I like to say that rap is mostly like science
  • Cause I'm usually in the laboratory when writing
  • You ain't Einstein, maybe closer to Stephen hawking
  • But the only reason's cause you won't leave here walking
  • Probably not even talking, probably will need a coffin
  • This is Malcolm Sex, we won't ever see you stop him

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