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everything is allowed 64 lines You might as well call a medic cause I am about to destroy you

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  • So, this is it, the little shit wants to fuck with the legion, I'm welcome to it
  • Little bitty bitch want to suck on momma's tiddy cause she's in the shower acting pretty,
  • got another nigga in the vicinity, want to spit with me, the god that broke the jaws of
  • Cerberus the enemy got sent to penitentiary so you come and want to bury me
  • looking like a fairy g, you need a medic please, get this ass wipe off the scene
  • Super duper drunken dork, looking like a fucking stork, got shot with a .44
  • right before he showed up on hell's door, looking half bored, smacked with
  • half a board cause he's half engorged from feasting on jam and honey
  • but it's funny, you call me a squealer, i'm the worst thing you want
  • A death dealer, I'm the pun master, got a date with disaster, Fucked famine
  • in the ass with the class of a master, beat you black and blue with the force
  • of a reactor explosion, no knowing if your survival is hopeless, you're jiving
  • with the mostest, i know that ain't a word but let's just Reeducate this boaster
  • Put you in the toaster to fry a couple eggs, add some hot sauce and eat you
  • with a leg of lamb, rack of damned souls on the lam, hell is my jam
  • I orgasm to your pain and I cum to your screams, I'm the new Lord of the Ring
  • Frodo got jumped back in '73 when I cut off his hand with a Hatchet at 3:00
  • Midnight when i was drunk on Green Dragon hops lite, but tonight it's winter
  • your discontent is coming to a simmer, so let me educate you so you remember
  • Rap came in 84 when people got bored with disco, the discs flowed and beer
  • blown when the game came and people raved, read about it, it's on the
  • Wikipedia page, I even flout it, I hate that new age, new wave crap called
  • Mumble rap so this is a response, you want to battle dog, well here's your
  • muzzle, fucking asshole needs a cuddle no wait he's too comfy, too aware of what
  • he's done, his worst thoughts would make Satan run, I'll destroy you then
  • let the wine run, cause you're in my cellar bitch, It's time for blood
  • I ain't done
  • The waves come for you, I rip the tide in half and send you to hell En masse
  • Breathing smoke and choking on ink, GK Trill beat you to death when you showed
  • up to the Battle let's be real, you're not even half the rapper Eminem is still
  • You can claim all you want to be and produce a crowd, i'm a grassroots slaver
  • beating motherfuckers is my passion and i won't waver, savor the blood
  • and the taser, Waiter called me, said he had my pager, 911 can i ascertain the nature
  • "There's a dude in my house and he's felt up my bitch"
  • I got my hammer and went out with the switch
  • Ripped your fucking eyes out and shot all your shit
  • You never should have stepped to the Devil or his defender
  • cause Hell Has Come to crush you like Bender


  • Dear Hell, thanks for responding to my damn letter
  • But this is not one of those fricken Stan letters
  • In fact, this man's never even seen a fan letter
  • So I'm just writing you to tell ya that I rap better
  • You said that I'd be dead as a result of this battle
  • is it really possible for you to have insults this bad bro?
  • Look at your raps? I'd rather fricken cull some cattle
  • You and your dad had issues and you sulk, so sad though
  • I already dropped your ass with a three peat of disses
  • So do your job in back and please clean the dishes
  • I got a full time career, I do this as a side hobby
  • And yet I've just speared you, so go and cry mommy
  • Or complain on the forums, you could take me to court
  • Bashing this faggot has become my favorite sport
  • Let's take this back a bit, when you're rules had me spit
  • Some bad ass shit, it was dark, that was the plan with it
  • And I took a lead in the votes, and so you needed to go
  • Say your piece in a post, but you were being a dolt
  • Saying trill beat me, but no, idiot I won and we tied
  • And in the replies of your post, he took my side
  • It's rap bitch, free speech, the fucking first amendment
  • But I'll stop you cause you stuff is sure unpleasant
  • I'll spit you this truth: I don't need to have an issue
  • With you in order for me to diss you, I'm so fucking sick too
  • I might just need a tissue, and I'm probably gonna kiss you
  • But cause your fredo, I'm Michael and I've know it is you
  • Hell call me all the Michaels, how many shall I list you?
  • I'm Michael jordan, I run this court and I am hoarding
  • The mic's recording, I'm Michael Jackson, dancing
  • And according to you, I really like them damn kids
  • But that's a lie and for that shit, I'm Mike Tyson
  • And if we fight, bye son! Your gonna die by my punch
  • Might as well call out Vertigo who is sure to vote
  • For your circus show of a fucking worthless poem
  • Buf you nerds are both worlds below my perfect flow
  • I know they're shitty bars cause I ain't been served yet bro
  • I'll throw an attack of mine at that bitch fratricide
  • For actually having my battle disqualified
  • Forty cal is so corny wow, you've mess with a horny Mal
  • And I'm looking to fuck any fucking shorty now
  • I'm actually expecting to lose this fucking battle
  • Cause it can be tough to handle a bunch a cattle
  • Who act like sheep and wanna be heard on here
  • Getting upset at those naughty words yall hear
  • But I gotta say, if this how hell has come
  • Then his raps have left me underwhelmed a ton
  • Can someone else please run to tell that bum
  • That even his swellest punch could never fell Malcolm
  • Calling me a pedophile, but I just rap in jest and smile
  • Yeah i say fucked up stuff, but I'd never molest a child
  • I've written with the pen awhile, crossed line like eleven miles
  • Ago and bro, I'm never mild, and I've started getting wild
  • Nothings off limits, you ain't even close to half of me
  • You gotta stop this shit, or I'll kill you and your family
  • This shit is rap ya see, feel free to get mad at me
  • But fucking banning me? For a line in a battle, jeez
  • So you had to tattle me when you were so rattled, sweet
  • Put this on a classic beat, and hear this on blackest streets
  • And I'm a white boy, playing with you like a nice toy
  • With the Lyrics I'm quite coy, I'm smearing you cause I like joy
  • All you had to do to avoid these four lyrical murders
  • Was to never pen that first verse, that then was your curse
  • I may decide to just haunt you forever on rap pad
  • Any time you wanna battle, you can bet I will clap back

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