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everything allowed 40 lines or less This is the end for you

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  • I killed others, i'm set to do you. Stuff you with spiders and cut out your glutes
  • while eating the fat with a fork and a knife, cause i'll live forever with the fortune
  • i'll find, fatter than hatter without all his natter, you're sadder than all of the A's put
  • together cause nobody wants to have sex with a boulder, whose folds are like
  • that of the molded, i'm asking you kindly to go on a diet and maybe be quiet because during
  • the night we can see all your findings, Feces and pieces of meat that are flying
  • Flies that are in the ER dying, You sat on their wife while she was having sex
  • while in the bathroom crying from stress cause you were feeling like an asshole
  • straining diablo, neighbors complained and they hauled you away in an
  • aluminum cage specially made for your girth and your weight cause nobody
  • wants to be friends with a steak except for the dogs and the cats and the homeless
  • carving you apart with a chainsaw and moped, Don't be sad, At least you fed
  • Half of the country out for your blood that can sate their thirst, so they plugged
  • up your butt and your shit can do miracles, even heal the worst cases here
  • and now, sores that are rampant are covered in plastic and shit covered
  • masses are cured from their cancer, too bad you're dead, thrown out dead
  • to pasture


  • I saw Too sense giving his two cents, you needed the coaching
  • But this new scent is a nuisance, what I mean is this foe stinks
  • Once again you went home to pen but still can't beat me and don't think
  • That you'll win, that would be a true sin, ill leave you there smoking
  • Cause on the microphone, I burn foes, I got loads of fire prose
  • a mind to troll you mindless hoes, finding most my rhymes are dope
  • Let's be honest, I haven't lost yet, the mic, I'm magic on it
  • Like a shaman, I can't let y'all win, cause then dammit I'll quit
  • Hell Has Come, i hear bells have rung, time to tell that bum
  • don't matter if he's a dope rapper, he won't smack or kill malcolm
  • These aren't my wittiest lines, you're just getting a nice verse
  • Call you Titanic cause you've just seen the tip of the ice berg
  • Stock Pile is gigantic, and if I spit it it might hurt
  • But I guess that's the goal, you have my pity tonight jerk
  • Cmon hell, you can give yourself an L for the effort
  • when it comes to beating you, I'm a hell of an expert
  • Really dude, what can you even do, get help for you next verse
  • Maybe one of your loser friends can sell you the best words
  • Hell, all these verses blown, kinda like you with vertigo
  • You two seem a bit too personal, dude I'm used to hurtin hoes
  • With my fucking fat cock, tell me, how's it feel up the ass, dawg?
  • Seems like such a bad spot, but at least you do what a man wants
  • Fuck yeah, Hell came but I'm leaving with disappointment
  • you suck man, why did I even take this appointment
  • The man Teezy, it's too damn easy, Hell, you know can't beat me
  • the best of rap pad see me as an equal, you're the last we'd read
  • So why do you try, I'm mystified, like when I see guys kissing guys
  • For your next time penning lines, people actually like when it rhymes
  • You've never met a better penner of these letters
  • And I'm on a bender, and I burn like hot ass embers
  • You ought to surrender, I'll be perched on top forever
  • When I'm done, my name will be one you always remember
  • Yeah, I'm Malcolm Sex, no doubt I'll win in a rout I bet
  • Hell is down for sex with a thousand men, I counted them
  • And I just found out that he is fat and he lives with his mom
  • Which he says is due to covid but then just said Covid is gone
  • On his new written song, someone get this diabetic slob
  • Off the couch, out the house, its time to get a job
  • Remember saying to get a medic if we ever battled
  • Was that in case you had a fucking heart attack though?

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