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  • Malcom seems to want to call me retarded
  • Well according to your manners i'm just getting started
  • you see i write these things because i love to see you scream
  • Nails tear the flesh as you fall in the ring
  • I don't feel heat, I phase through cold
  • You're just another clown that lost his gold
  • I don't excel when it comes to skill
  • If i want you murdered I'll ask GK Trill
  • The fact is, i'm an economical Rapper
  • I find a beat and make it snappier
  • If you want to insult me, kindly leave a note
  • I'm half blind and deaf from years of Music so
  • I love comedy and Metal and see you as a joke
  • why so serious, get the yolk? feel the puns, everyone
  • has some fun, now you're done, even Eminem poked one
  • at Cannabis so dig a ditch cause i'm past your shit
  • you want me to be like a dog, follow you and roll for logs
  • but this is how it's going to be, you answer to me
  • You're on a subway, being eaten with extra cheese
  • you're a 45 on the scale, extra dip on your nails
  • two number 9's ought to send you to hell
  • If you wanted to commit GTA, move to Andreas
  • Sans voice, you'd fit perfectly in San Dimas
  • This is a bogus journey, Hey ted, how come your wife
  • is dirty, you heard me, i'mma put thirty in you and leave early
  • Cause i don't bash the rapper that tries
  • Do us all a favor and choke on your fries
  • before Happy Gilmore comes out with a part 5
  • and you die laughing but its really cries of hate
  • cause you were born a mistake
  • your moms fucked an ash can and god damn you were mislabeled
  • as an afghan, a sad past came to drag you down fast
  • you look like prison spit you out and ate you, an inmate
  • as far from tough as R kelly, getting kids jelly for more money then nelly
  • Or did i miss the point, you're hardy boy
  • I'm on my laurels while you plow through another coin
  • get shot by katniss right through the loins and chainsaws in your groin
  • while this rap invades your soil and your plants, Eminem in your eyes
  • invading your sack while he eats all your crap and you ejaculate jacks
  • that feel like a smack in the face from Shaq, up in the ass of the devil
  • hot like an oven, done in by a funny plan, Comedy is a killer man


  • Dog bites back? nice title, now its time to die Fido
  • For the fifth time, why try bro? You must just like my prose
  • Motherfucking whining lil bitch, do you like being dissed
  • Especially knowing you'll never be rhyming like this
  • My specialty's throwing fags like you right off a bridge
  • You'll never be dope man and you got the tiniest dick
  • Boys you cuddle have so much trouble finding the shit
  • Uh oh, must suck going up against a mind that's this sick
  • This "pedo" put the pedal to the metal and went home
  • Shined up my medals, I'm disheveled that you try to get yo'
  • Ass kicked again, I'm the devil, guess that's why I own Hell
  • Ass fucking men is the only time you come, find a motel
  • I'll hop on this joint cause tonight I'm gonna bring the smoke
  • I'm awfully annoyed, but you cry from just a little joke
  • You retarded ass boy, I'll just say it since this bitch is slow
  • Of course I don't fuck kiddos bro, that's not my type of sicko mode
  • If my rhymes are like crimes, then get the cops called
  • The fucking pen is a sawed off, with mics im a ball hog
  • All these lines I got stocked will make your jaw drop
  • Fucking your mama raw dog with a fucking hot dog
  • To immature to knock off this shit, I just pop off
  • I'm taking the top spot, and you will get shot bruh
  • And when I'm shooting my shot I can make it rain
  • What I'm saying is I drain like klay when he spots up
  • I actually felt extra bad when i read your raps
  • This fucking site was forced to see your pathetic crap
  • So rap pad, I'm sorry you had to be witnessing that
  • But I won't apologize for a single word that I use
  • I make sure nouns, adjectives, and verbs get abused
  • Just like this clown had to get, must hurt to be you
  • There's no doubt you should quit, we'd prefer that you do
  • Seriously Hell, why do you gotta act like a bunch
  • Of Karen's, get aware man, I like to rap as a stunt
  • You're like my Ex, some times you just have to be punched
  • End up packed in the trunk, call me Stan and I'm drunk
  • Every time I release one of these tracks you get punked
  • Man it must suck, but I'm used to damaging cunts
  • Dude, you gotta learn to take your L and get on back home
  • You get burnt less back there in hell than when I rap bro
  • Actually I'm happy he unveiled new battle strategy
  • Next time my ass is beat, you'll see me in agony
  • On the forum, saying my opponents rhymes
  • Were over the line, and ask nicely to ban him please
  • I'm a Shady baby, Shady me a little slim Shady crazy
  • And so fags be hating, they be lazy, never taking a thing
  • As the joke that it is, which just shows what a joke that you are
  • So when you are broke at a bar, and so talentless
  • While i'm close to a star, shows just how far, malcolm sex
  • Is above you, but don't worry Hell, God still loves you
  • Cause God needs a Hell for the people to come to
  • To realize who's really nice, and it shows all of us who
  • Is better with letters, and we always know who sucks: you
  • But dude I'm sorry I disgust you, it's only that I love to
  • Fuck you up too, you must too! You into self harm?
  • Let's check out Hell's arm, what do you use to cut dude?
  • Razor or a knife, or both, I've heard that's what some do
  • Maybe you will try it bro, allow me to assist with it
  • As a favor to this site you know, murders been committed bitch

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