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  • Escreve, rima, escreve
  • O som das linhas a formarem-se é como o Mike Tyson na neve
  • Nao vou ser contractado, não vou ser profissional
  • Porquê? Porque não quero o mal
  • O meu pai está doente, continua a trabalhar
  • Eu continuo a reppar porque recomeçei a desfrutar
  • Estilo não é básico, é avançado, no meu A5...
  • Escrevo ou no meu website ou escrrevo no meu livro de rimas
  • Glória a Deus nas alturas, orações são máximas, não mínimas
  • Por Ele eu nasci, cresci, vivo
  • Existem ataques sobrenaturais
  • Mas Deus livra-nos e deixa-nos nos estados normais
  • Sou jovem e posso dizer que tive a experiência pacífica e relaxada
  • Se morrer, vou para o Paráiso, com o meu criador, estadia
  • permanen-temente animada
  • Bíblia não é conto de carochinhas
  • Jesus não é fictício
  • Deus não és tu
  • Abre o Livro Sagrado e descrobre vida eterna


Attached media not accessible.

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  • Mentally fragile fucking faggot cop, done found my bag of rocks
  • Now hes flashing the glock over a traffic stop
  • Without thinking, I hopped out the car running
  • Throwing the drugs but keeping all of the money
  • Looking back like, Fuck your commands and demands
  • You will see my back motherfucker, and not my hands
  • Im kinda of scared, so my body gets tense
  • If i can't loosen up, i might get lynched
  • I Almost got hit, while Climbing a fence
  • Shooting at me for nothing, doesn't seem to make sense
  • Now my only intent, is to make it to jail
  • Trying to live another day and have a story to tell
  • Im not trying to get the fully, from a cop who got bullied
  • Im not your fucking opp, just because im wearing a hoody
  • Theres no reason, for me to try, to reason
  • When they rather have me in the road, with my nose bleeding
  • There cold as covid this season
  • Stars clicking up like The Nets with Badges
  • They beat my boy so bad, his family had to put ashes in his casket
  • Shit is getting drastic, life is fun but strange
  • That why i spend most of my days at the gun range
  • Somethings gonna change
  • They can storm the capital, but the calm comes after?
  • If that was a bunch of niggas, it would have been a massacre
  • Then i go a rob a nigga in a shirt, thats says black lives matter
  • Fuck it, might as well go psycho, since we're treating like Puppets
  • Im more of a blackman than tondux
  • God king trying to teach these, dumb fucks
  • Who be up eminems ass like butt plugs
  • Im woke, Yall leaching off the sleep like bed bugs
  • All my intelligence and the evidence of my selling drugs will be evident
  • And I'll only represent and be labeled another, dead thug
  • With your foot on my neck how can i keep my, head up?
  • Take off these handcuffs and throw your hands up
  • I bet you want be able to stand up
  • Man up or man down if i was on a slave ship watch this, man drown
  • Tears from a clown, i seen in a cloud
  • How they take the white boy dinner, after he shoots up the crowd?
  • Im black and proud my written says it loud
  • I like my jesus with dreads
  • Sometimes karma comes after your dead
  • When your traveling down to hell, remember what i said
  • You cant be a racist, if you have no power over anybody
  • You can only have prejudice or portray a fake Nazi
  • Stop watching from the sidelines like paparazzi
  • Get you gun license and wait to stop the party
  • If you have to then pop somebody

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