Battles   vs GK-TRILL


Serious Battle.

Max of 19 lines


GK-TRILL won this battle!


  • My beats be bumping, your heart stopped pumpin'
  • Albums be selling like a crack addict after his last smuffin'
  • This dude saying suspect shit
  • Are you in the closet, or you already got out?
  • Miss me with that shit, I rather fuck your bitch while your sister licks my dick
  • ...And that happened, go ask them, quick
  • Got some dope collabs coming
  • Usually, my bars so hard I have to feature myself
  • Get rich of myself, while your mom be selling herself
  • Your a son of a whore, what does that make you?
  • Begging for votes, begging for battles
  • Begging for totes, begging for battlers
  • You know you mention my name
  • Because you know I can smoke ya
  • Headshot ya, leave in hearse, from one verse that I wrote effortless
  • How can you better?
  • You are a dead poet on a dead website
  • Your sister be on my pipe, but you live in the crack site


  • Your names streamm? Naw cuz how about dream Or self blowing steam, wait what about streamm sheen
  • Or rappad queen,maybe a wack rapper meme Its seems like your brains been ripped from the spleen
  • Trills about to give you a lil lyrical feedback,just a shot to the kneecap See dog you got it all wrong,your dropping 3 min songs thats 3 mins to long
  • You need to Go to your verses last word and hold X,then throw your phone in the nearest thing wet
  • Dont worry you wont regret,your soundcloud should get banned for rap direspect I rather listen to tekashi 69s writtens, or a whole album of kodak black just ablibbin
  • Then to hear your sci fiction, bad diction, none spittin red dead redemption playing raps Facts,i play your music to scare away the cats or when the guys want a good laugh
  • Listen streamm man i can stop your whole flow without a dam your a rap scam I would say CB4 but your way less gangster than gusto when your rapping
  • We Barely understand you i need a caption your delivery is like a late package Bragging about 300 plays that songs probaly been posted for like over 300 days
  • Trills the truth i dont rap and got more followers than you,profile views too In 2 months,i roll 2 blunts and gets to typing you give to much effort not to get better
  • But whatever ill beat your ass if our shoelaces was tied together in any weather You need to start dropping blind soundcloud songs next year,so you wont bleed ears
  • But your needed on hear for your comedic value like really without you what would we do? Your funny as hell im laughing so hard i dropped the nail,get out the casket bra i rather watch you bury yourself
  • Streamm fool trill tightens his gloves till they split seems murder scene i hope your not a teen It doesnt matter your ass still waxed and cleaned the diss king meets the death fiend
  • Im trillumnati your crazy trying to kamizake tsa and ended up like mgk send it!!!!!

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