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Fuck you and your rules Im waiting on BYOB!!

Max of 62 lines


GK-TRILL won this battle!


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  • Start writing lyrics is this box and this is what came out
  • A lyrical grenade with pin the pulled out
  • My bars maxed out im hotter youll probaly need a spotter
  • Trill Running this track proper im lapping all you joggers
  • I seen clones through the souncloud lyrics like foggers
  • I done chopped down trees with the pencil like loggers
  • I throw down glocks and grab shanks for you low ranks
  • Walk the plank or blink and your brains blank bones break
  • From hard bars diamond cased meteor outer space
  • Type shit tight clinch on mics like gorilla fists grip
  • Loose lips get clipped from hollow tips spiral shit
  • You wanna go viral trill wanna go virus sick
  • Better get someone to check your vitals quick osiris
  • Violent tyrant battle in any climate holding a trident
  • Yall just bi men faggots who try men im climbin tryin to win
  • Sin blasphemy bohemian rhapsody lavishly high to capacity
  • Pistol in your mouth think its sweet ill give your ass a cavity
  • Actually ill come to your school and save the kids but murder the faculty
  • Vanilla ice ill hang you from the balcony the lyrical freestyle alchemy
  • Prodigy alchemist mobb deep no beat against creeps no street
  • You sleep concrete under white sheet if you fight with me
  • Ask me if i care about this shit you not worth a direct hit your foul
  • My growl is quite but my bites loud im proud to disembowel
  • Disembark your ark and learn to play your part that of a narc
  • Haarp weapon my pens directing nature and your just a hater
  • I blow gas you catch the vapors lasers heat sensors tracers
  • Coke lacers and free basers getting served by freemasons
  • Dirt tasting none rappers facing elimination from detonation
  • Your only a master of bating waiting for a spot thats taking
  • Vacant salems lot failing plots impaling cops brains derailing trains
  • Exhaling methane subterrean migrane cell membrane trill cant explain
  • Hydro plane the astral projection leather injections to mid sections
  • No distractions im taking action lappin flying past them like past tense
  • Bizarre like d12 alien details bob lazaar the czar in a stolen car
  • Formaldehyde stuff your head in a swollen jar ill pluck you like a guitar
  • Whats a bar?or flow who knows i just go you just choke drop the soap
  • Type of dope im like the pope the goat this wrote but really spoke
  • I want fire you can keep the smoke joke why so serious furious with the styles
  • Bodies in piles laid out for miles no smiles in the call of the wild rotary dial
  • Cooking coke scraping on tiles im high as giraffe pussy class hookie never rookie
  • Dano couldnt book me you shook leaf Peachtree on deadmeat front seat on back streets
  • Trills crazy you lazy my eyes hazy g easy who is halsey cerabal palsy
  • In the hall of records playing checkers on stretchers supreme neck protecter
  • Radiation injector bookcase like interstellar signs dont go in the pantry
  • Youll find me with my hand cut i drink water then die what the fuck? Is up


Attached media not accessible.

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  • You must be blind
  • Hit the road, Jack
  • You are tweaking
  • Don't smoke crack
  • Nobody fucking with you like AIDS
  • Looking like an Indian capture
  • That's why you look like Caillou
  • Broke, bald and with cancer
  • Your dad went to fishing and found you
  • Looking like a retarded white goblin
  • Do you know Spiderman? Yeah, you William Dafoe
  • That's why you got no hoe
  • No girl fucking with you, only the special burns victims
  • You ain't a loser, you are a straight abuser
  • You raped my cat
  • My poor girl is traumatized, she meows at how horrified
  • Not when you abused her, but when see looked at your ugly ass face
  • She prefered being raped to being on a date
  • With you, you fucking bastard
  • Your mom left you, why?
  • She couldn't live with the fact she made you
  • She rather leave a baby on the street
  • Then make a goblin eat
  • I give you X amount of time
  • You can Run like DMC
  • Get off me like me ABC

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