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  • Pac avatar, never popped nothing
  • Fake thug, on the internet trying to fabricate something
  • You know I am not bluffing
  • This dude is street? I never saw him pack heat
  • Let's be honest, we all know you are white from the suburbs
  • It is okay, you have insecurities, bruv
  • Call your mommy at night, security blanket will make you feel better, that's my word
  • Really though, you silly hoe, you'd never know
  • What streets or struggle is
  • You are internet kid showcasing fake biz
  • I think you want be something you are not
  • Childish Gambino
  • You are whiter than an albino
  • The only thing you sipping is a baby bottle
  • Spend all your time online, you will never touch a dime, don't need to mention a model
  • Fake thugs so easily to breasily, diffusely
  • I am God, you Lil B
  • You even copy your personality from me
  • Shouldn't go so hard, might hurt my biggest fan
  • On the second hand, screw it, let me kill this stan
  • The only reason is you fascinated
  • Couldn't care about your horse shit of a diss you fabricated
  • Graduated, you know I made it
  • Every girl, you know I slayed it
  • Every song, you know I'm the greatest
  • Self-made, thank God for me
  • Who am I thanking? That's right, that's me
  • Wordsmith, you know where I be
  • Best flow, hands down, homie
  • Fuck waiting, I'll crown myself the best underground and mainstream musician there is to be
  • You have to love it, competition everyone below me
  • Your girl, giving me the love below me
  • Everything gold, you got to love it

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