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  • Cannot rescue you
  • Know that God created you
  • Why do you believe He wants you to be weak?
  • Spread the Gospel
  • Act hostile
  • Be meek
  • Know you can use the sword but restrain the flick
  • "The meek shall inherit the Earth"
  • And they want to go to Mars
  • Nah, I will show you the way through my bars
  • Did He not say:
  • "Have I not commanded you?
  • Be strong and courageous."
  • Empowered but never enraged
  • No Travis, don't be in-rage
  • Rockstar life, my engine is rage
  • Do it for the love
  • You can turn into a pastor, but know the way of the maze
  • Know Jesus is the way even when the Devil tempts you
  • The enemy will say Hell is a party
  • I disagree
  • What would Jesus see?
  • "And they will throw them into the fiery furnace,
  • where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. "


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  • They laughing at ya' nigga, But They ain't laughing wit ya'
  • It's just that your lil dumb ass, haven't yet got the picture
  • Your just a Blackman dawg, but trill, im that nigga
  • The God King, no filler, my lyrics scripture
  • Ours styles you can't compare it, your too generic
  • I keep em shaking like they got Lou Gheric's
  • The Strongest soldier out the barracks
  • Grab the glock and then i air it
  • Your destined to be, just another rapper buried
  • The Black Messiah
  • I'll ride on this Judas and his silver provider
  • Make you a pack, and smoke on your heart shaped flower
  • It's going down at the 25th hour
  • I'll still be in POWER, still with the heat, moving powder
  • Your bars come up short like Spike Lee
  • Do the Right Thing, and don't try me
  • In the streets with the Clockers, where's your timepiece?
  • I got to be speaking Chinese to these on the porch M.C's
  • Who need to retire like Drew Brees
  • You can't see me, if i start talking bout the Vision ware
  • Your bars hot, once a year only, like a visit to the fair
  • Or Haley's bop comet
  • Stop the nonsense, let em rot
  • Leave em in a plot, unconscious
  • You don't rep the Amistad, your old square like the Taj Mahal
  • You ain't sick nigga, i can cure you with some Tylenol
  • I love when people say "Damn Trill, your falling off"
  • That's when i grab the pump, and start to Sawin' off
  • Now tell me who thinks there hotter?
  • When there tanks are blanks and cannon fodder
  • You can't stand to test this Black college scholar
  • Street doctorate
  • Your best bars are moderate, you are not a risk
  • Comical spit, this is a graphic novel
  • Plastic glock grabbing a bottle, ill show you a role model
  • Shots hit you till your souls hollow
  • Im on road to perdition, this hoes To scared to follow
  • As i hit the throttle
  • Waiting on your bars to hit like waiting on the lotto
  • I will filet you over some tacos
  • Randy couldnt be more Macho Than this desperado
  • I know your destined to be sleepy like hollow
  • Floorboards creeking when i step on your last breath
  • You say your a real rapper?, then post your last check
  • Still waiting, still debating how im gonna kill the hatred
  • Drill music in the matrix, im your favorites favorite
  • I like beef savory aint no saving me, aunt saying grace for me
  • Grandma saving a place for me.
  • Blackman tondux take off the blackface
  • How can you portray my race with a straight face?
  • Addidon
  • I grab a chopper and the scope, then i add it on
  • Never take it in till the packages gone
  • Im in your moms yard backed in with chrome and the hazard lights on
  • Ill do a hit, then do 130 through a school zone
  • Anything to make it home, it'll be free smoke when i take and bake your bones

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