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  • [verse 1: insane
  • I've got them bars, that's that soap, & I'm pulling bitches in like I've got em on a rope. Uh, beast is going in like that lights on green, & I've got them nightmares like on Elm Street. I've got that crease for my piece, & if it's pay on your head, then I ain't looking to lease.& these rappers so sad its like they're talking about grief. I've got that Steele for them thieves. You gone have to leave or else you falling like some leaves. Uh, can't buy pants unless the pockets supersized. & I've always liked my buckets full of extra breast & thighs. I'm gone smoke until I die, I've got a french bitch, I call that French bitch mrs. Fries. I'm in a melo state of mind, like a new York Knick, & I call her under armour, told her do more dick. DAMN, read my mind, read my dick, or read my lips. I told her fuck me good & move them hips. I'm about to land on her like I'm doing flip. & I make em feel blue like they claiming a crip. MMMM, I got them commas in my check, I put them commas in the bank, & I let that heat flash, make a motherfucker faint. I wish a motherfucker would, but a motherfucker can't. & when your boy gets high, people try to ride my kite, because I go far as fuck, bitch I go far as sight, because I'm shining every day, & I'm fucking every night. Beast is so A, next to the wesome, it takes 2 to tango, it takes 3 to make a threesome. I'm all about a dollar, get them dead presidents, & if you don't believe me, then the bank is evidence. RED, redemption every day, make your set change colors, call that 50 shades of grey. & I've got my white friends, like boom-shocka-locka, then I shoot you in your shockras.. All these people 2 faced, call that phantom of the opera. Uh, go through a catalog, you couldn't find my swagg, & I'm about to roll a pound, call that shit a hash tag. Read my brain, & open up a sky, I got in an elevator, rolled a blount, & got high. I'm on that color purple, call that Whoopi Goldberg, I'm on that Irv, & Im the reason teachers learn. I pull out that toaster, & let that fucking toast burn. Man, mission impossible, Tom Crews on this shit, Now I've lost a lot of things, but I ain't never lost a bitch. Mind full of lyrics, a world full of spirits. Other rappers are tearing up, I'm just tearing up, I'm about to erupt. Yeah I fucked your mama, still don't give a motherfuck. I'm just so damn great, & the world is a pretzel, it just made a twist of fate. I'm not cutting, bitch I'm shooting, I'm addicted to music, above the influence. Rest in peace Pimp C, DJ Screw, Lil Snupe. George Zimmerman, 1 message, FUCK YOU. I got blew like the sky, made her whistle like a flute. & I ain't no joke, like Eric B & Rakim, I'm a man with a vision, like Hakeem with a dream. Uh, all these boys weak, like before months & years. Being broke is my fear, & all these rappers sound stupid like Mooses & deers. BEAST


  • If the bars are soap, you dropped it, don't knock it, I will never stop it,
  • Scars on necks by rope, I am the feminine goat, imma just hit the road,
  • Cause Hilles was not your wrote!
  • Swallowin the klonopin, while I'm noddin in and out on the ottoman, at the Ramada Inn, holding onto the pill bottle, then
  • Lick my finger and swirl it round the bottom, and make sure I got all of it, your death is a Box Office Hit, plottin to be mockin glitch, you mockingbitch!
  • I don't give a hoot bout your dick, you can see him standin in my front window if you look in
  • I'm just a hooligan who's used to using hallucinogens, causin illusions again, brain contusions again
  • Cutting and bruising the skin, razors, scissors, and pins, Jesus, when does it end? 0%!
  • This is a short song, but I don't wanna kill you or your mom.

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