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SerratedEdge won this battle!


  • Who said you were hulk? I am thanos, you check dudes, you're a man-hoe,
  • Flows so cold, they should call me frozone!
  • I'm meant to blow, I nuke yo shit, rhymes, meant to spit, in this shit show, I'm in!
  • You're a self proclaimed hacker, but you can't do norse, you have to cross the line of knockoffs and whores,
  • I tore ya breath, you got strained grammar, imma shatter the laughter.
  • You found me in a green dumpster, wit a mean hunger, under 3 covers, having a threesome wit 2 face huggers.
  • "You swing your fist you miss you diss", why the fuck would I want to listen to that shit rap, you pretend that you're not 10 years old, your name is Jeriah, but don't get pissed
  • At me while I'm spyin, you liar.
  • Yeah, don't you be a sad bitch, just because I'm savage, why don't you find yourself a casket, your rapping "skills" are made of plastic, like that one bitch did,
  • You so bad, it might be a cactus, just find a mattress, with yo "masses" all up in everybody's asses, you lack hits, my uncle passed since, he read your rap, so that means you can't rap, bitch.
  • (Chorus)
  • Everybody knows you can't rap, everybody knows that that's a fact (x4)
  • (Verse 2)
  • It's an emergency, someone get him an emergin c, you have a soul to sell, but it's free,
  • Don't look at me, cross-eyed and smiling with buck teeth, you living a shitty life, you won't even stand up and fight, that's right,
  • Despite the diss, you still my friend, but who cares? When this is over, it'll end, you tend to pretend, that you can comprehend the present, I'm a legend, so does that mean I'm better than you, and that you are my peasant.
  • You act like you fly in real life, you act like sad bitch in a rap diss, but imma body you in a crypt,
  • You got no technique, you freak, you speak tongue and cheek, actin like yo lyrics deep.
  • (Chorus)
  • Everybody knows you can't rap, everybody knows that that's a fact
  • (Verse 3)
  • I can rap, I am sitting in your lap, stop it, you lapdog, stop sitting on your laptop, and writing shitty rhymes, it's hard for you, but I ain't really gotta try,
  • And you don't even know why.
  • Get outta here wit that "skippety skip" you don't know when imma "flippety flip" I am your worst nightmare appeared, telling me to end my career, why don't you get one first?
  • Ooh, dat hurt, didn't it? Enough to send to to a hearse? You are missing the point, can you just stop blurtin words, you a curse, don't tell me to end my life, you retard,
  • You tryna get hurt, you lying, you can't even learn, I'm blowing smoke, rollin dough, one question,
  • Did it feel good though?
  • It ain't the end, my friend, just because this Apocalypse is on pend, I'm 2pac when I speak.
  • Don't act like I didn't make your career, I am your greatest fear, I can make you disappear, you queer bitch.
  • Imma burn in hell, my burners on my belt, my creed's to assassinate


  • I can tell your new to this cause your acting delirious I guess you furious but that's ok your new
  • To this Iv been think in about your rhyme how I got no time for your child play your a clown
  • Singin ring around the rosy your a little baby crying wa wa wa your so tried your trying to hide
  • It but you can't fight it you got to come at me ya you got to try it so you take off your
  • Jacket I grab it I swing it you hesitate to dodge it you vomit just bail!!

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