Battles  Glitchwarrior vs SerratedEdge



Max of 18 lines


SerratedEdge won this battle!


  • I can't write rap music, it's just to confusing, the way that it's flowing, I just can't
  • Produce it . I'm in third place, sweat on my face, the way that it plays, I just want to
  • Say I'm in third place, I look back I see you in first place, you be spitting rhymes in
  • Under 3 seconds I be speaking rhyme in how long it takes me to eat breakfast!
  • It stinks being in third place, it's the worst place in third place, I'm practicing on day dreams
  • Well your practicing on rhyme screams, I think I'm going to lose my mind it's my time to shine
  • The bright light.


  • Of course you can't write, stop saying things about you that are right,
  • You need some light, you are blind, not bright rhymes, but a fight tonight,
  • I am on the prowl, saying too many vowels, blood on your face, need a towel?
  • Poppin off, choppin body parts, the way I get through to this music without a chart,
  • Eminem would lose himself right now, flippin scripts, bending glyphs, but they're still stiff,
  • Yo kid, did you miss this twist, I gotta go to the pot to piss.
  • 5 year old get outta here, you worse than that messed up guest triple 6,
  • I'm the 101 dalmations, but it's 7 Dobermans, this is like the 8th fight, fuck the 9th punchline,
  • 3rd place, more like 10th! (haha)
  • Hit em wit a rhythm, where did Holyfield go? Mike Tyson bit him, got the holy shield, Peyton is not here,
  • Who got me in this nonsense? You too busy on IG reading comments, fake Eminem, wannabe Logic,
  • And you still seeing comics, this is a lyrical comet!
  • Short song, you're gone, this is a sure song!

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