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SerratedEdge won this battle!


  • Yeah, I guess I don't know how to put trash "rapper" down, he is a clown, I'll just go you a noose, and wrap it around,
  • We all know, you in it for the clout, you should find something to talk about, more pronounced.
  • I don't really wanna spite you, but I bring the foot down, kick it like I'm Ryu,
  • You over there, writing a haiku, motherfucker, I despise you, that shit you said, was just lies, dude.
  • You really want Thanos, well, get a look at kratos,
  • You really want the pay hoe, after this you probably have to lay low,
  • I got the stranglehold, just let his brains blow,
  • You think you're good, if you say so.
  • You think we're done? No, imma do this til you're iffy bitty Crumbs.
  • Face is in it now the passion is felt, you think you on your shit, don't make an ass of yourself
  • Ask for this L now they have to pass ya this shell, grab for the belt, I'ma have to drag ya to hell,
  • Ya lack, and you fell.


  • Hm how should I put this diss,ah ok here can't come at me I'm wit da gang
  • You swing your fist you miss you diss its trash I dash you crash but you forgot one thing
  • I'm hulk I smash next thing you know I'm comin at you with super sonic speed you
  • piiiissss I diss your lyrics you took a new risk!!

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