Battles  Glitchwarrior vs SerratedEdge


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Max of 18 lines


SerratedEdge won this battle!


  • Ha you need a slap you look like crap so shut your trap I don't mean to be rude or in a bad mude
  • but you suck so don't tell me you got luck you got no one to love so push comes to shove
  • Chorus:ha you need a slap you look like crap so shut your trap, imma drop bombs on your
  • House well your lazy little butt is sitting on lounges let me give you a quiz you say your
  • A math whizz looks like you got an f you should kill your self or be an elf on the shelf oh wate
  • You got no majic but you got bad habits or work with rabbits hippity hop drippity drop stipity
  • Stop


  • Knowing that imma be the best in the game, loading gats finna see a vest, Aim that 50 Cal. At ya' BRAIN!
  • You already know you asked for this diss, you talking with the forces of four hits, Imma leave you as a corpse, leave you in the morgue, let me pass you a torch, you really want more?
  • What's wrong with your name, imma leave you aflame, it's a shame that you'll never be in the hall of fame,
  • You'll be in the hall of something, the hall of nothing, but lame! You are fucking delusional, I will make you removable,
  • You are not excusable, you are just excludable!
  • Sorry, Did I make you piss your diaper? maybe it'll be better to just hit you wit a sniper, I'm the fighter, just get a ghost writer,
  • I can't get through without taking the butane from a lighter!
  • I went easy on you, 2nd round I'll just slice, right, through!

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