Battles  ShapeShift vs PsychoPuppet



Max of 18 lines


ShapeShift won this battle!


This rap was deleted.


  • Rap god status I’m worshipped as a savior
  • Cult following of clones the orchards of my labor
  • King with the gift now to loiter round the manger
  • Meet my sacrificial lamb before the torture in the chamber
  • Some learn how to turn water to wine
  • The real rappers are raptured and we slaughter the swine
  • I wrote with this style of bars for a reason
  • As mumble rappers pick from the garden of Eden
  • Also known as a street corner in The Bronx
  • As Pac’s ride to the club morphs into a cross
  • You do whatever I say? Then leave the rapper alone
  • Back to the throne why I forge these tablets of stone
  • Is beyond me but I jot a verse outta habit
  • Feel my dignity shift to the hearse with the casket
  • Cause being their god is keepin a promise you goin to hell or releasing the content
  • Just a steppin stone beneath ya peers’ feet in the proces as the ghost leaves the shell the dream is forgotten
  • But it ain’t sacrilege to get ya facts wrong
  • I should know you lookin at an accidental rap god

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