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  • Yo Ominous
  • Your brain is llama piss
  • And you rap like a hippopotamus
  • With a lisp
  • And you think you can beat me but you can't
  • Cause I'm gonna smash you into pieces like an ant
  • I'm coming right at you boi
  • So don't toy
  • With me instead just take a breath
  • Before I rap you to death
  • And you use so much meth
  • That your rap can't win against rap like this
  • So goodbye to a fella named Ominous
  • Who can't use his
  • Brain
  • Hearing his rap is a pain
  • In the ass
  • But I got some high class
  • Lyrics up my sleeve
  • So just get up and leave
  • Or I'll heave
  • You up and put you in the dump
  • So stop scratching the lump
  • On your ass and use your head
  • Oh wait you're brain-dead
  • So just don't challenge me and just go to bed

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