Battles  ShapeShift vs PsychoPuppet


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Max of 64 lines


ShapeShift won this battle!


This rap was deleted.


  • So I'm battling Ominous for another round
  • And this time I'm gonna send that wild brute to the pound
  • I could destroy without half trying
  • You think you're such a good rapper but we all know you're lying
  • So long and farewell Ominous
  • Your stupid try to beat me is what I'm gonna miss
  • About this battle with you that I'll take over
  • You wouldn't know Mars if you controlled Curiosity the rover
  • You're just a weird muppet like Grover
  • On Sesame Street that weird old show
  • While you try to sell your albums I'm sleeping in dough
  • Because I know that you know
  • I'd crush you like a car before that green light says go
  • So be careful when you cross the street
  • Or I could challenge you with an epic beat
  • We all know that you'd definitely fail
  • For rapping so poorly you'll be locked in jail
  • My lyrics will be coming down hard like hail
  • You couldn't rap any better than a humpback whale
  • So now I'll destroy you with my lyrics so sleek
  • I've never faced an opponent with rhymes so weak

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