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Max of 27 lines


Motto won this battle!


  • You trippin' if you think I da hoe this ain't a boise state fair
  • I'll hit you with a highly decorated toy, it ain't a boys bape bear
  • Half of you boys Vape Air, death droppin' in
  • Shove a gallon of water down your throat, lets see if you can Tote Oxygen
  • Shut the fuck up I called you out, don't bitch about it
  • Dont let me see yo face, I'll smack the bitch up out it
  • Then confess my sins to a upper echelon of the church, and have the Bishop outed
  • Bakugon, I'll let a round pop
  • At yo mom, turn down for what, that bitch made a loud drop
  • You a pussy, not a Tom, go head scream I'll Jurry-Rig a knife and make that yowl stop
  • The next rhyme would've been atomic bomb but HAHA, this is 2019
  • Nah knife to a spleen lets see wound gouged
  • Went in dirty came out clean sound just like Amy Winehouse
  • You probably sayin' that shit ain't work why bring it up now
  • Exactly, the knife went back in and got dragged down
  • I'm mad now, cause niggas really think they better
  • They put together a solid punch and think they clever
  • Not knowin' its levels, they got the pulley and wedge but not a lever
  • I go in to separate you from skin just like a leper
  • That's a nice punch, but watch the set up
  • It's whatever, big beretta, I give Em 9 seconds to step up
  • If he take A 3 second break he gettin' wet up
  • Cause 9 3 and 6 is ominous my nerves gettin' fed up
  • Kidnap the family while you out on a food run
  • You come home to see your Earth shattered I had your wife Moon Son
  • Mottie


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  • Northrida ridah comin back defying false messiahs'/
  • Self proclaimed God's get smited/
  • Thugs riot off Pike 22nd up all night/
  • Despite the holice the double deuce troops ready to fight/
  • Shortiez Ballin, strapped up like grown men/
  • Shit my role models were dope dealers and ex convicts/
  • Explicit content in my bedroom closet/
  • Glocks wit laser dots extended clips in boxes/
  • Plastic on it, yea cash in pocket/
  • My momma was a Gangsta I learned about the profit/
  • On the job passin off bags of product/
  • Snub glock dub shot in my sock I pop it/
  • If a muthafucka wanna take off hell naw bitch/
  • From East Gate to Silver City and Shorty Gardens/
  • FMC roots run deep in the streets we lawless/
  • You really think survival is a fuckin option/
  • Jimmy Hoffa yo ass Mafia style executed so flawless/
  • Fuck the laws I'm dodgin cases like they fuckin fallin/
  • Evidence nonexistent like Saddams' Missle Program/
  • Sawed off 12 gauge stashed in my pocket, no skinny jeans me real OG off the block bitch/
  • Baggy jeans tall tees khakis creased we starched it/
  • Tha hardest cold hearted sons of bitches and narcissists/

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