Battles  Motto vs NorStar


Quick little verse I wanna get out Written battle rap derp

Max of 37 lines


NorStar won this battle!


  • If y'all wasn't fucking with me you will after this
  • Place a pound to the chest of this nigga like a black activist
  • I'm on an active mission, to kill more of my enemies than games made by Activision
  • I get to noggin knocking light weights and slow thinkers
  • I knock lights outta egg nogg drinkers
  • Getcho noggin knocked in cuz we not friends
  • The moment you accepted this battle you tied the seal on your death we just knot friends
  • And I block sins, Lord won't forgive what he don't know
  • Think yo mans will help? He won't no
  • I pop up with the skimask but y'all the ones getting slumped though
  • Fresh fit? I do mr.clean too sloppy
  • Close line this white washed copy
  • Sneeze on those lenins with the nose of dobby
  • This a body probably wreck it Ralph, I'm turning yo life into a obby
  • Who losing? Not me
  • All it took was a swing to drop, he didn't even see it coming like a blonde girl at a bukake
  • Me vs you in a boxed room, then what happens
  • A fight for life like that Family guy boxed womb
  • You in here without a clue I got the tool, then what happens
  • I fix that issue quickly like I work at a magazine dispensary
  • Hitting Me? Nigga please
  • Beg for your life but taking another already took my innocence
  • Ain't shit for you to get to, yo crew can get it too
  • All 4 of you get shipped back to your families in a 2 by 2
  • In comparison to my usual 50 cal you died by a deuce deuce
  • I grab your neck and tie it up till I get the truth, then what happens
  • Kidnap his Family, y'all can fued or play hangman with a barb wire noose
  • Pick and choose, the fued? A joke you all lose that way dude
  • The noose? Only upside there is that your body will make the news
  • You mumbling answers to my questions, all untrue don't deny
  • Ain't even realize the booze got you speaking real lies
  • You answering to the best of your ability
  • And like a woman's buzzcut you falling short pathetically


  • Welcome to tha Show JT I really hope you enjoy it/
  • I would let you have center stage if I didn't think you would blow it/
  • This dude can write he good with a pen/
  • But when it's time to deliver this fool is found lackin/
  • Can't spit what he written has no soul no spirit/
  • No heart in it which is ironic since he's best fitted for the ghost writtin buisness/
  • You fake as griffen skin boots and livin in myths and shit too but lyrics be dope/
  • Oh no he's got Apollos Bow please don't shoot with one of those mythical arrows/
  • I'm shaking in my And 1's Damn bruh those refrences demand some recognition no bullshittin and punchlines that be hittin like Iron Mike Tyson fightin a Titan with Zeus's lightning bolt strikin Poseidon off a mighty Hydra fighter jet and waves and shit crash into the coast destroyin and breakin shit jus sayin no lyin/
  • But I decided regardless of that I still go harder, deliver my shit rawer, go ahead ho look into me you aughta/
  • I'm a product of the gutter grew out the mud of piss and shit rain and blood and many other distasteful metas for ya/
  • I'm warrior it'll take more than a bolt to the heel a diss or a few to wound or kill the realest on the battlefield fool/
  • I really do kill in the booth, write, and produce whatever I do let's see you grab a mic and let loose maybe you'll like the shit too/
  • I turn up the heat like raisin a strap to the heavens and murdah the beat like it's a 187/
  • I come together with all of my brethren strapped up like suspenders on the Reverend/
  • I put my bars where my mouth is and let that fire out kid that's why I'm a Dragon and your a mandrake sprout bitch/
  • I rip you out the ground quick roast and serve you up to loose lip bastards talkin blasphemous things and mouth shit/
  • Everytime they speak they crop dustin the shits disgusting you know the type actin hype talkin bout they real and they bustin/
  • Wait a minute tho for sake of conversation and dicussion gimme a sec brb nope that's you too knowin damn well you ain't bustin nuthin/
  • Sayin anything of mine is trash is jus plain ole hatin don't do that to yourself it's jus degradin/
  • I'm the epidamy of greatness you the epidamy of fakin, don't awaken the beast have me chasin you thru the hood like Jason/
  • You gettin jus a sample of an example of the things I can lyrically do thru these battles/
  • I'm big shit like the Kracken dropped a duece better call in your troops time to get your ass paddled/
  • Don't say this outta the blue too boy you know you had this shit comin ya big dummy/
  • hit me with some of that wordplay I ain't fucked up but I bet ya a buffalo nickel I can weather any bullshit you dumpin/
  • Fuck it let's see it I know you anxious to write a lil sumpin/
  • Come on Brain let's read it since you ain't gon be rappin nuthin but some presents for your loved ones/

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