Battles  NorStar vs Motto


Myth and Historical Theme Battle

Max of 47 lines


Motto won this battle!


  • This fool got more life lines then the sisters Fate/
  • But I'm bout to cut his strings and throw medussas severed head in his face/
  • Fuckin wit a Chimera bout to catch these horns/
  • And stung by this scorpion tail in the neck you more fucked then a bitch in Porn/
  • I stir up waves like Poseidon and will Finish Him like Raiden/
  • Do a flyby on my Pegasus and summon the Leviathon/
  • Raise cthulhu from the abyss I'm necromancing and shit/
  • I'm gon use everything in my arsenal to destroy this clever bitch/
  • Call up Ash Williams to swing thru with his Chainsaw and Boom Stick/
  • Jack move Hermes for his boots and deliver a Liu Kang bicycle kick/
  • I'm talkin every and anything Dante devil trigga this fool/
  • Kratos you up do one of the cinematic finishing moves/
  • Fuck it what next what's left from the crusades/
  • Ay look it's the Ark of the convenient JuzTrae jus open it and look away/
  • I'm jus gon stand way over here, oh shit is he really gon do it/
  • Nope he ain't fallin for it abort phase two operation call Ted Nugent/
  • This dude like a Hydra cut one head off and 2 grow back/
  • Burn him alive with Ra's Eye!! nope already tried that/
  • JuzTrae jus way to OP but on my momma I promise/
  • I'm gon rip him to pieces and spread his parts all over Tartarus/
  • I will drag them there from the back of Sleipnir/
  • Then exit with Santa and his eight reindeer/
  • "Merry Christmas bitches" I will shout and toss out/
  • Phoenix pinnions for all the dead "yea Hades it's JuzUNTrae now"/
  • your soul has been weighed against a feather now I'm droppin the stone/
  • Get your super lyrical nonspirtual no flow havin ass on/
  • Ahh to be super optimistic to keep up the spirit/
  • Damn I got a rainbow dick JuzTrae ask your bitch Aphrodite to quit changin the color of her lipstick/
  • I sent my Trojan horse down her throat all the way to my stones/
  • She swallowed my soldiers whole and tounge kissed you when she got home/
  • That's some dirty shit tru tru but don't feel bad Trae/
  • I been fuckin other dudes bitches since the tenth grade/
  • That's 22 years of buryin my spear in so many Helens/
  • Hectors brother could learn a thing or 2 from me a twice convicted felon/
  • Keep that shit on the DL don't take that bitch to your crib/
  • Y'all fuckin up the game don't shit where ya live/
  • I swear to Gaia and the eye of the tiger that if y'all don't get your damn mind right/
  • I'm gon pull up on your block in Doc Loveless big Spider droppin napalm bombs all night/
  • I drop that hammer like John Henry smash your crystal skull like I'm Indy/
  • Ride off with Alfred in a Bentley Brunch with Hermonie at a Wendys/
  • I'm Smaug you Smeagol you those trees I'm them Eagles/
  • I will drop fire on your ass from above like its legal/
  • So this the rematch now get your ass in that Titans stomach/
  • Or by Gilgamesh I will Zatuzuken your Epic ass with a Masamune katana now who run it/


  • So last battle i dragged his ass like Vader had the force with it
  • Mythology themed as well but I kept it basic
  • Today? We can go Norse with it
  • Just like a Viking what sail out the gun stray and I don't care if I go off course with it
  • Ignore victims, low-key did it on purpose, got Thor tripping
  • This ain't Even, got shots lined At Em before his ancestors took a stand
  • I was the progeny, got a question? Ask me First Man
  • Oh you a soldier? Heart made of stone?
  • Bitch I don't even feel joy, I'm definetly Bolder fam
  • I'm only angry when I use my pen as a sword, sound like insta-gram
  • Im above petty tiers, this is War and I don't shed a Tyr
  • Don't fuck with Vikings? I got more right here
  • Enough blood on my hands to make a Mayan priest fear
  • Sehkmet would drink off that till she couldn't see clear
  • Its only part Hypnosis when I sleep his ass and give em nightmares
  • Dead is what you might be, I'm bred for victory and you a check on the list of bodies call me Nike
  • "RUN" A message from your predecessors ain't something to miss
  • They all dead too so you can't tell who sent it Iris or Osiris
  • Death, blood, destruction, that's what I keep in my Pallas
  • I don't mean to sound callous but what role do you play and why?
  • Do you need to be Cast Or have you faced your fears and you ready to die
  • This shit is hilarious, last battle you were placed in a coffin
  • This time ima do you like Osiris with the help of Zephyreus
  • Ironic how a North star ain't famous in the dazzling lights
  • Maybe he's just a star in the north, out played by the classics
  • A true fact is that he'll never outshine me, Borealis
  • You a glory addict, tryna find a new way up a mountain I been conquered
  • Please this? Took hard work, you couldn't cheat this if you were married to Hepheastus
  • You a dad, it's only right I do you like Cronus and leave you in pieces
  • You made a Giant mistake walking into this trap, Polyphemus
  • I'm versatile, alotta ways to kill you like Roman Arenas
  • I embody what confuse is
  • Bars go over yo head you know what confused is
  • Starting a whole new way of thinking in this shit, I know Confucious
  • We talking history no need to be shallow man
  • We can go further back than the ottomans
  • I'm a bicentinniel man, but not the automan
  • I went Way Back, not forward oddly
  • Fucked up the past worse than PeaBody
  • Yo girl? Got the stale face with you bitch
  • Making her groan is like solving the Divinci code
  • You over here begging her to Mona Lisa little bit
  • You take an L once a week like Clockwork I know you atleast a little Ticked
  • Out here drowning in grief, I recommend atleast a little Mick

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