Battles  Motto vs NorStar


Derp mythology themed for me. Battle rap written

Max of 35 lines


Motto won this battle!


  • Well, y'all can blame my friends for this win
  • Talking shit done got me back in a different bag again
  • Its not the torture shit, nor the bar for bar to the core shit
  • I started battle rapping to be a part of it, that I can ammit
  • But no need to get into the heart of it
  • Hey deez last few years been full of shit
  • I saw everything from biblical flips to my Nemesis
  • Half way through I stopped drinking the nectar
  • I was burning through like Apollo but I purposefully dropped the scepter
  • You get what I mean? If not you're a fool
  • Like how can I prove to best if I'm using a forcefield effect ?
  • I mean my aura coolbut I couldn't keep it if I wanted to play open chest
  • Cause that's how you prove skill, except, without my best weapon I'm still hard to kill
  • I'm the progeny of that Achilles heel.
  • I'm the reason they even made that Aegis shield
  • I'm the one sending Gods to that Elysium field
  • You bitches keep throwing stones at Helios thinking "atleast he'll feel"
  • Wrong, hop off that chariot land with a lariat and the earthquake would make Neptune scared as shit
  • Niggas praying to Hermeslike "who heralded this?"
  • I don't even care how my hunger is fed
  • Yo son tryna take flight like icarus in the air isdead
  • Battling me make you uncomfortable like the pillows on Egyptian beds
  • You'll get ripped in shreds
  • I treat em worse than the hair on medusa head
  • But whose a match really
  • Skin? You could lose a patch quickly
  • Swearing on River Styxthat you better means death acidicly
  • I slang bars explicitly, aim perfect, you could write a book on the art of miss
  • Yo body count hold the same weight as Artemis
  • It's like the Locus Hotel bitch you ain't as nice as you marketed
  • Don't test me, mythology is a hobby. Next time I might be on some Spartan shit


  • Yay ye behold this Trea headed Foe/
  • He stompeth on my mud hut and swalloweth my herd whole/
  • The gods have cursed me the vicious cunts that they are/
  • With this foul creature threatimg my people will you defeat him NorStar/
  • I have plenty Gold/
  • I got cha bro let me go get this Hell Hound Traebrus yo what your stanky ass fuckin with these peasants for/
  • I takes my devil slayer beat maker get a pattern goin/
  • wrap the Mic chord around his throat use my godly strength to drag him close, "who let your big ass go"/
  • you come to earth startin shit growlin bark no bite/
  • Duz you want a fuckin treat or me beat you with this mic/
  • Smack your ass with Jasons shield and release the Kracken if you wanna fight/
  • everytime I turn around you always fuckin up your stupid ass jus can't act right/
  • that's cool tho I got you bro since I can't let you out my sight/
  • I'm gon feed you to Chronos he ain't ate in 2 Fortnights/
  • Aw hell naw don't run away you brought this on yourself/
  • Come here bitch where u goin I'm bout to beat your ass with Hercules belt/
  • Hades told me he thru with you so you ain't got nobody else/
  • and I can't trust you to stay at home and behave so in the titans bowels you'll dwell/
  • and with this feather Hera gave me I use to send you there with this spell/
  • Bitch begone but bitch be well but to the guts of Chronos I send you via Hermes Mail/

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