Battles  Motto vs NorStar


battle rap. just a verse i wanted to finish and stopped caring lol sorry psycho

Max of 45 lines


NorStar won this battle!


  • Surprise, aint see this L until you opened it like Pandora
  • You can probably call me a fan or a dick rider because every comment I Hearted sure
  • But I figured I could take your Spot If I listened more
  • But this a tour of your features whore
  • That feminine vibe you Measure out? This mil a' meet her
  • Ironic Chasing after these Goals make you a Seeker
  • You dont want the cheap thrill this isn't Sia
  • You just wanna see a bitch boy like yourself praised, this is Medea
  • Buy my mixtape head ass
  • Puberty hit you hard dead ass
  • But we have some shit in common its tragic
  • Neither of us can beat maverick
  • Uh we both sucked at delivery but us in BYOB you fixed it and used it in killin me
  • No cappin that was unexpected, cause my guy i was snappin
  • "Win or lose some a' fall when my gun spring into action"
  • Felt like Curry carrying a team the way I was Jackin'
  • NCAAP member attending an HBCU the way I was Blackin'
  • So how I lose? The tale is sober
  • Brodie said if i Juz slip and drop Trae he spilled on the floor
  • Probably misqouted but it was over
  • I cant recall in my round or his anything colder
  • But this is different, he not ahead of me
  • Superman, Dr.Strange, MegaMind no this isnt a hero movie tease
  • Im just sayin yall dont really understand my CapeAbilities
  • Sensory overload, that mean I kill with E's
  • New glock, Ill put Puppet on the Handle, this show is Japanese
  • Gun bars? Please how can he outshine me in my own shit this aint Big Sean and Kendrick
  • That slick shit will have you like rush hour, Half Way Off The Balcony
  • I let the bird go at a target like Falconry
  • This is usually the part where i talk about how i beat someone you lost to
  • But lost to knowledgeylg...whew
  • I know I know you trolled...but dude
  • You STILL shoulda won, so I won't even get into those facts
  •'re like the only person maverick has beaten more than me...HOW BOUT THAT
  • We both bodied blackmantondux cause of course trash is trash
  • And "boi you should be Glad Bagged"
  • Trust me when I double click and tag him, I am NOT coming at him
  • You'll get 2 nines before 18 that shit is vicious
  • And 18 is 3 6s issa premonition
  • The only psychopuppet is chucky please quit the bitching
  • I'll make chucky cheese After the flash like the kid is glitching
  • Beat his ass and Switch to Sticks like I can't pick a system
  • Wii have a 1 battle history, to tie it up is not what i intend tho
  • PC vs Mobile man Ima wipe the floor with bro


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  • WiSh I wasnt a fan now I'm coming off as a Stan/
  • Wut the fuck this shit sux why da fuck you rub my lamp/
  • Like (POOF) here I be WiSh I give u 3/
  • Count this as number 2 the third is the verse you dont wanna see/
  • Your double u I gift to you its crafted from these Vs you gave to me/
  • Ideally I would keep em but simply I Sh your verses when i speak/
  • Quiet when grown folks talkin make you WiSh we didnt meet/
  • After this I take both those L's from this square and frame WiSh up for GP/
  • Lame brain L's, squares, and frames yeah man I'm jus sayin I refrain from bein to complex/
  • I Gotta keep it moving keep it fresh keep you guessing what daphuq I'm sayin next/
  • You saw me coming from your right peripheral but I clock ya from the left/
  • Said you saw me leaving headed east so how did I sneak up onĀ  ya coming from the west/
  • "But Grimm you claim the North" yea but homie I also claim the South/
  • Pyscho Puppet say I'm senile and a pedophile meanwhile a fist up his rectum works his mouth
  • I'm over here like ouch WiSh you could get it out/
  • This WiSh fool thinkin tho I know how to get a Muppet aroused/
  • When Psycho tells his lies and grows his nose it's no surprise/
  • That WiSh is so excited that he gives the Puppets nose a ride/
  • Decided WiSh is gay as shit for placin Puppet faces up his bum and grindin/
  • But I dont judge cant help who you love but bruh at least give it some time man/
  • WiSh this Craft is Mine your iSh is fine but I stay raising bars/
  • All you do is drop them I guess that's why they so stepped on/
  • But do what you do lame works for you I dig generic art/
  • I have a painting on my wall of animals boarding Noah's Ark/
  • So dont get me wrong I like your songs I bump them in my ride/
  • It starts my day and in a way makes me feel better bout my life/
  • Cause I dont WiSh I do it fool its what I do while you jus WiSh and try/
  • But try a lil harder guy be a lil smarter my lyrics rip apart a artist all the time on the fly/
  • WiSh in for 40 lines I'm like fine I can sacrifice a lil time to watch you dig ur own grave/
  • It's either this or work and my boss a jerk so fuck it I will write your elegy and still get paid/
  • Jus grabbed a car and parked it had a blunt and sparked it pulled out my phone and typed away/
  • While keeping eye out for management but the cold and rain kept them inside all day/
  • But basically you facing me in a diss is suicidal but who am to deny you death/
  • Jus be patient please I'm blazing trees WiSh this revival will entitle you to only one life left/

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