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GK-Trill Diss people that have been missin' out. Your Just slow and retarded Sorry to Break it to you

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Battle on May 17 2024


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  • (Intro)
  • Alright let's do this one last time,
  • My name is tewsly straight off the streets
  • Can't Nobody save you now
  • This flow unstoppable can't you or your bullshit can destroy it
  • see you wanna fight
  • Pick a time and location
  • This ain't Pok√©mon bitch this is real life
  • Yeah I get that I'm an under dog
  • But I'll make sure god shows up at your party
  • But this ain't even over fool
  • I'm getting warmed up to it so let's hop right to it
  • (Verse 1 30 seconds)
  • Nigga thinks he's a Hall of Famer
  • But little does he know that his title is creepin' up in the taking
  • But I'll cut you some slack
  • your on the OG's on this site and I'll give respect to that
  • Even though your ass is too old for technology
  • I'm been climbing up rappads Mount Rushmore
  • Where were you at?
  • My mother is an husband taker?
  • Yeah right
  • Your too predictable I'm can see your fucking raps a mile away
  • But later on your shit won't hurt me
  • I'm too far along this shit that you won't effect me
  • Later on I'll sit down
  • Retire and give the torch to another rapper
  • But right now I think it's time to pass the torch over to me
  • Lil Chip and his palls will fall in discreet
  • But I'm keep comin' back more and more don't worry
  • Soon this will be my game know and won't be nothing to stop me from doing what I see
  • You need to paint a picture
  • Because right now all I see is some guy that can't see what's in your tunnel
  • But if your work is an artifact how did it get published to see?
  • Better yet I was scared to diss you when I first got on here
  • But now all I see is a nigga not better then Tewsly
  • GK-Trill sounds more like Grill
  • Ay GK-Trill
  • What store did you pick up your Grill??
  • I'm getting carried by rhythms not lyricism?
  • Maybe you should go back and pay attention to what I be sayin'
  • Because all my lyrics have been havin' meaning to what I say
  • But who gives a shit
  • You used a fucking Travis Scott Name for your fuckin' diss title
  • That is fuckin' depressin' man
  • Get some better rhymes and some better flows
  • Because your just an open book
  • I never see you making out the hood
  • Your getting your money from your brother
  • Say my name bitch here's how you pronounce it
  • T-E-W-S-L-Y which equals T-O-O-F-L-Y
  • I'll see you lookin' stupid and next you know
  • You got a job for being an actor for Zootopia
  • This was never your true fade but later on you'll realize of what you were and what you become
  • But like every person encounters
  • I'll be that soul snatcher that cuts you open like me playin' with a toy knife
  • But I'm gettin' ahead of myself right there so I'll finish you off with
  • Welcome to Scene 666 Act 3
  • Give a big welcome applause to Mr.Grill
  • The nigga who died to Tewsly


  • im beating you in battle

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