Battles  Tewsly vs SLUMP-C


Lil chip, come out and play lil nigga

Max of 24 lines


SLUMP-C won this battle!


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Battle on May 20 2024


  • Rapped we gotta problem
  • Rapped we gotta problem, ay
  • Ay, Tewsly reportin’ live uh
  • Rappad we gotta problem
  • We got these little as kids who call themselves grow ups on this shit
  • Next thing I know we got fuckin’ furries on this shit
  • Now we got this nigga name Lil Chip dissin my nigga person (you dumbass bitch)
  • Nigga thinkin’ he’s in the big three
  • “Nigga fuck the big three
  • Nigga it’s just big me nigga bum”
  • Yeah I guess your on that Kendrick shit
  • Maybe lil chip is a big capper
  • Big D1 yapper
  • Too much shit going through his head
  • This nigga going brain dead
  • If you wanna diss go ahead
  • But it will probably leave this shit going to his head
  • “it’s one-v-twenty if I gotta smack niggas that write with you
  • Yeah, bring ’em out too, I’ll clean ’em out too“
  • Nigga literally getting help from other niggas just to make a mother fuckin’ diss track
  • So how about this
  • Leave this website right now before you make a fool of yourself
  • I’ll put you right in that ugly hideous place you always belonged.


  • ayy niggas sleep on us fl rappers fr
  • go follow gng

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