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Final battle with M-A. She claiming she better than me. We'll see about that. WRITTEN ONLY. DISS. VOTE BASED OFF OF RHYMES AND LYRICAL SKILL

Max of 20 lines


Anonymous won this battle!


  • You wanted one more round? You know M-A? That dumb whore found no way of beating me. Fourth round and I'm still beating you. More clout.
  • Won more battles than your moms' age. If we comparing out rap bars gauge, then I won by a lot M-A. If you diss me, on God you'll pay.
  • Did some recordings. Sounding like you gargle water. I'm killing you and this battle like a lamb to the slaughter.
  • She talks so much shit. Everybody applaud her. But you're versing a beast who is bigger and stronger.
  • Have yall heard her Carol of the Bells Remix? I listened and cried to Jesus. This bitch deceives us. This jit ain't no "Genius."
  • I don't wanna go forth and back with all these battles. If you think I'm average just check our rap percentage.
  • You be coming at me and laugh, and then in madness talk smack. And then we battle. You trash, and you an ass hole.
  • You learned your lesson? Knife talk. No Smith & Wesson. You think you're best til' I beat you until depression.
  • And- oh shit, I forgot to mention, you like to draw attention to yourself. Causing tension 'tween your followers. Don't care bout your succession.
  • "Verified Producer?" More like parasite. On this site. This a Do-or-die. I will leave you fuckin' petrified.
  • Ever since Sarah died. I've never been terrified. I'll beat your ass, and then you'll hide, literally get set aside.
  • Fuckin' pussy. No Hello Kitty. Ugly profile pic. Not so pretty. You a boy/girl. Oh my God you silly. I beat battles round by round. And on God. I'm dizzy.
  • Oh damn, I forgot your glizzy. But they think that you a girl. A faggot no kizzy. "My voice ass I'm drunk" Oh pity. "I can't write good raps because I'm oh-so busy"
  • Get a fucking life. You ain't fucking better and I'm fucking right. You say that you'll be a loving wife? Or husband.
  • It don't matter who you fucking like. And between us. If you get cut from the team, I'll use a hunting knife.
  • "I got Notdead on my side" Yeah so what, they your Nation Wide. Saying you better but don't give me an explanation why.
  • So sit down and make way for this menace. Written on written. I'm using this method. Your weakness is in this sentence: M-A has never been this jealous.
  • We got beef, then you pity me for my trauma. But I've lived this bitch longer than you've had a loving momma.
  • Dead like Mary Jane. Or Marijuana. I'll take a bomb-a. Not Obama cuz you'll crash and burn like Osama.
  • Beware of M-A she will come and rape your balls. Either vote for me or don't vote at all. Ripping on you. No paper dolls. Someone's gonna lose. Me or her, make your call.


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  • ///-Made by ai of tyler the creator and made sense by me
  • ///-enjoy
  • ///-Tyler the creator
  • I'm a fucking unicorn
  • I ate my dick while watching porn
  • With my sister, I was horny
  • I need more dick, nigga
  • I sit on my couch and lick the tip jar
  • Of the starbucks, then eat a roach out of my armpit
  • Nigga, why u tryna start shit, I just want to eat my carpet
  • I just vomited on my dick than spread that shit in my shit
  • And rode my bike to Dallas, and played with your sisters clitoris
  • While playing my clitoris like a piano, then I raped my own shit
  • And called the cops on my dick, life a job
  • Nigga, I quit, nigga I lost my own hands
  • I took a shower in my pants
  • To get the shit off my hands
  • Nigga, hands, I need new pants in my ass
  • I put them on like addiction, a dick is crucifixion?
  • I just tryna ride my bike

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