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  • Just Listen Past The First Min, istg u won't regret it
  • I worked REALLY HARD on this
  • The Beat Drop Is Incredible


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  • When I die, just throw my body in a creek.
  • Spend no money on me I just want to be unique
  • All my life, people treating me like I'm a freak.
  • I know deep inside that you just ain't the one to speak.
  • Better yet lay my body down on a mountain peak.
  • So when people climb the thing, they all start to scream.
  • Throw my body off the cliff or maybe that's extreme.
  • Well too bad, I asked for it so, Shut up, do your thing
  • You been taking a while, do it already.
  • Crying now? This is just me being friendly.
  • Breathing heavy. Take your time. Ok then we,
  • Lift me up, then throw me back down. Watch intensely.
  • You think falling this far from the ground would be deadly.
  • I'm already dead. So I don't care. I've had plenty
  • Of time to think about this. As I said: I was ready.
  • Landing now was messy. There was people taking selfies.
  • When I die, don't even get me a stone.
  • Don't spend no money on me. I'm unknown.
  • Throw me in the woods. And just leave me alone.
  • You can come for me when you see all my bones.
  • I'll never come back so don't keep up your hopes.
  • Burn my body take a pic of the smoke.
  • Because my life has been an infinite road.
  • With some hardships that I tried not to show.
  • I had "Friends" that betrayed me. They not sorry
  • They only have friends that are "Cool" Yeah right, hardly.
  • Because to them, I'm just a lonely somebody.
  • In twenty years, they gon' forget about me prolly.
  • They treating me like I am a phony
  • When I'm older I'm probably gon' be lonely
  • I don't care. As long as I'm successful. Listen closely:
  • All this time yall have been torturing me slowly.
  • On the gallows. See my family is crying.
  • Teary eyes as they can see their son dying.
  • Sun ain't shining and the tension is rising.
  • They surprised as they can see that I'm smiling.
  • Back to hiding in my room with my writings.
  • I ain't lying when I say rhyming's frightening.
  • I ain't trying when I summon all this lightning.
  • Climax climbing. Then I rest but still grinding.

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