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  • You know I speak the facts
  • Whenever I rap
  • Put me on a track
  • And I'ma go batshit crazy
  • I ain't coming with the bad shit today
  • Know y'all been patient
  • Patiently waiting
  • For me to drop this shit
  • Cause you know it won't be amazing
  • Got concept pissed
  • Cause his milf mom stopped lactating
  • Now how's he supposed to get milk, lil baby bitch
  • Lord knows his dad ain't gonna bring it
  • Still at the bodega, mothafuckas finger got no ring on it,
  • Didnt get that bar? Better think on it, yeah
  • Bitch wanna waiger with me
  • Loss gonna be a big fee
  • Especially when you're killed by a couple lines
  • Talkin' overdosin' kinda like Juice (wrld)
  • Bitch on his knees cause he knows I'm the fucking queen
  • Fuck it


  • //80HD BONUS Verse\\
  • They think muzzle gon make me silent. Lyrical bullet its tough though 80's rhymin'. Keepin' this classic, my people are killers. Easy with rappin', you pourin' out your liquor. No brains, your style so plain that you crashin'. Like you Kobe, morbid out with triggers. Leave you holey, up to god now he kiddin'.
  • Ah, make the streets sir cleaner. Get the sweepers like Salem witches. Damn you bitches got bad ju ju dude. Everyone gets a spray, you do too.
  • Soundin' like do, do, do puddles of mud. Some of it blood do you regret it? We don't know you just get deaded. Sadly that's why everyone befriended.
  • //DARKSIDE Verse\\
  • That nigga M-A got left in the dust. Damn right it's DARKSIDE in God we trust. Turn that corner, but yet his bitch ass got rushed. I'm running for Prez. like George W. Bush.
  • Put her in a cage her ass run off the stage. Got the crowd screaming fuck off that nigga M-A. Once we in that ring put you in your corner. Finesse out the gang way yea I had warned em'.
  • Stay out of these parks put 4 shots to em' Dark ally's an' shit they go stole on em'. Pole out an' shit bet I showed all of em'. You bitch ass mental. Looking like you have Autism.
  • //Official_Concept Verse\\
  • You say that "Curtains call"? So better bow to me. I will beat your gay ass. When I win, you can sue me. Monkey-Ass I will win. That is my duty. Your rhymes are ass. Call that dirty booty.
  • Playing Tic-Tac and Toe on your wrists. (Suicidal) When I pull out my blick, then you'll know I'm a hit. (Gang) Talking this shit, I'll make you go Rip (Dead) Say I run my mouth, at least I don't use it for dick. (Like you)
  • M-A you fag. I'll come for your ass (No homo) Saying I'm gay but I'm talking straight facts (Bitch) The cat's in the bag cuz you a pussy ass (Dyke) I'm kicking the can cuz I'm beating your trash (What)
  • //DIEGOAT Verse\\
  • You call yourself M-A. Bouta be a Murder-Ally. Bout to kill your ass. Adding up the tallies. Little bitch put back on your panties. No one here wants to start your family.
  • Hit her with the sniper. We all know who's the brighter writer. Bout to set your ass on fire with the damn cigarette lighter. Bout to show you who the fuck is higher.
  • We all know that it ain't M-A. Been knowing this forever and a day. There's no other way. Gotta put her ass away right now, today.
  • Time to end her short lived reign. My bars contain more pain than your damn champagne. Bout to pour that shit down the drain.
  • Guess you can call me Thanos cause I won this damn game. Calling me lame and shit won't help. Won't stop until this bitch is dealt
  • With. Your superiority is just a myth. Call me a lion cause you're just Goliath. You done?- No you'll know when I finish.
  • I won't stop till this hoe is 6 feet under. Your words ricochet like the bullets that you spray cause I'm made of rubber motherfucker
  • I may be younger. But I'm full of hunger. Bout to prove that you're just another sucker. Bitch you going under.
  • //Tyeshh Verse\\
  • I'll wrap you this diss like a gift and you can Die Hard like Christmas. They'll gasp at your heart like a spliff, you won't stay long on the hit list. M-A traded the pussy for a dick, you a bitch so lord forgive this. I'm dissing a kid faking his tits, like new hard drives on those wish lists.
  • I'm number one the pencil's number 2 "get it." You never won, you just hung around the crew "letting." All those bitches and those views giving stitches through and through.
  • You could suck a dick for someone without balls. Like a pen to bricks you've been riding all my walls. Next time I wont repent, so don't ever make a diss. I went easy on this kid, cuz I value make-a-wish.

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