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  • Official nonsense is what i call your raps
  • That ain't no diss track, tryna throw shade at my initials
  • You took a shot, you missed that
  • So now it's time for you to step back
  • And feel my lyrical wrath
  • I ain't make a song called lucky you
  • You little fool, you got your facts wrong
  • That track was a remix, an accapella of an eminem song
  • So why would anyone read it
  • If there's audio, little average joe
  • Coming at me with irrelevant disses
  • And expecting to steal the show
  • But now you're the one who'll be sleeping with the fishes
  • Saying I've got the most trash rhymes and bad flow
  • But whenever your on the mic, it's like parseltongue, a snake when it hisses
  • 'Cause that's what you are, an adder praying on my down fall
  • Well, I think you need to take your adderall so you can stay on topic
  • 'Cause if you keep talking without showing your skill
  • I can tell you that it won't go well, in fact the only place it'll go is hell, yeah
  • You're situation is looking dire, you seem to think that you've made me perspire
  • But all you've made me do is come at you with fire
  • 'Cause you say I'm a pheonix who turned into ashes
  • But that means I've returned, and if I was ashes
  • Then why would you need a casket for my body
  • You can't even name my own song to say I was trash on
  • Instead you name a remix of travis scott
  • Get your facts right the next time you write
  • Saying I've got the most trash rhymes


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  • 0:38
  • When I heard your name was M-A, I burst out laughin'
  • You disappear for a while. You M.I.A. like Missing In Action.
  • Say your bars are cold but slip on them like some shoes with no traction.
  • I kill two birds with one stone. You a Phoenix that got turned into ashes.
  • 0:50
  • Fighting my flow like a kayak in rapids
  • Cutting me down with a blunt wooden hatchet.
  • Tryna do magic and pull out a rabbit,
  • And POOF! I'll KO you, you won't know what happened.
  • You'll go insane and you'll need a straight jacket.
  • Off with your head and I'll show them the basket.
  • Ego so large there no room for a casket.
  • Getting your ass kicked your rhymes are tragic.
  • 1:01
  • You know how the song goes. I'm levitating.
  • Saw your song Stargazing. It was devastating.
  • Couldn't even read it twice. It was record breaking
  • For the most trash rhymes. It was not amazing
  • You want me to diss you hard. This time I aint faking.
  • When I read your rap, all my time was wasting
  • Do you count this hating? You raps aren't worth saving.
  • Delete your profile, do it now. Cuz I'm done waiting.
  • 1:25
  • You made a song called Lucky You. The unlucky few
  • Who read it just dust you off like muddy shoes.
  • It's up to you, wanna fail like your buddies who
  • Just failed and got eaten like puppy food.

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