Battles  Maverick vs DJMALCOLM


2v2 battle Mav & Entendre vs Malcolm & Khay

Max of 63 lines


Maverick won this battle!


  • Mav
  • Teasing E-Z and Teezy is easy...Woods + Cole? That's the aftermath of what these burns did
  • For real...They'll need Vicks for their epidermis, 'cause Vix said, it's not even worth it
  • See, we'll slap them so far into next week, they already saw us winning the tournament
  • Khay said hey anything can happen, don't be discouraged..then the matchups started to surface
  • Certainly, Khay had gotten word that they backed out, almost left his teammate high and dry
  • Not that Malcolm isn't already both of those things, why? For preferring a partner that's known to lie
  • So firstly..I'mma drop E, boy I'm at ya neck with gripe
  • Khay overrated as fuck, and somehow under the radar with empty hype
  • "Come in, Private Cody, do ya copy?" Yes, we've seen 'em plagiarize.
  • He's a Private but he thinks we don't see that C is his rank
  • No shit, I saw his notebook and that shit was so clean, it was blank
  • This kid way too fishy, the only time he's marine in a tank
  • I'll give tips but I ain't saving when i 187 K, like green in the bank.
  • Young lost boy, built with a lot of a fluff
  • Where's the highly anticipated Diamond in the Rough EP? Guess you're still working out the buffs
  • Busy with boot camp, still stuck with the one I shoved, when I stomped a mudhole in his butt
  • I'm not proud, but I am impressed at how you acted like nothing happened after the biggest punch in the gut
  • Took it on the chin! Next time, fight back, don't be soft, what the fuck
  • Put down the drugs, we get it, your heart is crushed, step away from the e-dating, that isn't love
  • Youngins think having a lot of exes is flexing, just ask Malcolm about Emma and Lexie, a slut's a slut
  • Khay, come talk to me if you need someone to trust
  • And tell me, tell me where he touched you, every time Malcolm was on your nuts
  • He's 27 and tricks teens, what he told Vix obscene, she's 16, this isn't legal bud
  • Best get to fixing ya style, man's mixing up disses with gross threats.. I'm in disgust
  • Entendre
  • Even though Khay's Shit, on RP bro's famous… number 8 all time battler…that’s a joke ain’t it? Khay your record blows, face it
  • who've you faced bitch? The who's who of WHO YOU? the no name kids? There's no aces, the greatest… he wont face them
  • still I see posts like “Khays elite, he’s so dangerous” How!? Just look at khay’s tourney…the fool made it, participates and maintains it…soon as he’s knocked out, the whole game ends.
  • Khay Say’s he records, he’s just too afraid to drop an audio…oh…makes sense, he’s got no rhythm or flow in his words…you know, K dense
  • Khay will hype an audio drop, then drop off the face of the earth…Its strange and confusing, khay is just useless…
  • He's always blown his own horn, now he’s facing the music…. You’ll never be a master less you train as a student
  • He wont… he’s too impatient and stupid, I mean damn, It’s a new year…2022…still, nothing great you’re producing….
  • we should’ve seen “I’m making improvement to image / quality” for Khay resolution
  • DJ we already saw you beat this sparring partner, match ended in a code blue, so why is it you're still fightin’ with the same old noob???
  • In my opinion, a lack of effort only ever seen from over weight, slow dude's... Is exactly what Khay owed you
  • IR getting’ a body ‘gainst a stretcher, I knee’d to end your career with a blow out
  • Think ddakji from squid games… theres no doubt you’ll see a square flip out when I throw down
  • Ya’ll some idiot kids, this is not a good match, why's this Square been tryin’ to fit in the Whole round
  • Best take flight… or each time you land, you’ll get four in exchange… “poundin’ a couple bones out
  • You both make less sense working twice as hard… don’t mean reduced wage though
  • Oh you didn’t try?....if you say so…I’m faster to finish lines than Usain Bolt
  • I’m Outwritin’ comics, a bat will hit this joker harder than a Bruce Wayne blow
  • you’ll get a few fake votes…but my material gets a W, like Wu-Tang Clothes


  • It's malcolm vs Entendre and Maverick, do y'all wanna see magic?
  • I got three goals for when we face off, so I call it a hat trick
  • First, put on a classic, two, make sure these frauds get their ass kicked
  • Third, I'll ensure that I am put on the top of your damn lists
  • Ask me how bad do I wanna humiliate Mav and Entendre?
  • I'd say I need it as bad as my fucking ass needs some water
  • Does Maverick even have a dick? You say a real man suck em
  • Are you trying to become one, what are you? Numb nuts?
  • You ain't too hard to defeat, and if you are what you eat
  • You probably swallowed my meat, cause man you'll always get beat
  • I'll drop a bomb on Entendre, or pop em like Obama did Osama
  • You can't stop it, I'll get on top of ya and raw dog ya like your mama
  • It hurts to say this but you worthless faggots couldn't even serve DJ if
  • You were the most perfect waitress, cause your bars trash, you ain't earning a tip
  • I'm taking these fuckers down like their statues of Jeff-erson Davis
  • This is over already bitches, I dont even need a verse from Khay's pen
  • These guys think wordplay is a sure way to get first place
  • That's great, but I don't need metaphors to tell you: you're gay
  • Two homos who both blow, so it don't matter what your pens say
  • DJ's cuts make these pussies bleed, its only time you can say you menstuate(men straight)
  • And I am usually not one to drop puns and such on ya
  • But i got one and you know we need to get this Dub on Entendre
  • When it's done and you ponder how votes are coming up on ya
  • Half a team but twice as good, that's how I Double Entendre
  • My flow is great, rhymes are in a golden state, my style is sportier
  • And again Mavericks going down in the opening round to this warrior
  • Entendre's lame, you think you will top DJ? Have these fags gone insane?
  • Have y'all lost your brain? Maverick? Please you're no john McCain
  • Maybe a Sarah Palin, so dumb not even aware you're failing
  • Imma terrorist spraying at a fair, just aiming at everyone there, I'm crazy
  • And if I dare to say it, I'm fairly Shady, and your odds are slim
  • I punch more than a boxing gym, you fools can barely take it
  • And it's pretty rare there's a miss when my swears get flailing
  • So in despair your bailing, cause your lines wouldn't fly if you were parasailing
  • You're bananas thinking a Pair of faggots could square up a-gainst
  • Malcolm, you'll get buried, placed in a fucking cemetary waisting
  • Cause I'm like Thanos when I snap foes will end up turned to dust
  • And I'll do it myself, I don't need a guys help, your verses sucked
  • The two of you ain't one of me, you can get owned but nothings free
  • I'm the DJ, you get cuts from me, now imma beat another team wanna

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