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Do whatever you like with it. Disses, random bars, social commentary, etc. (I did a little of each) Let the best verse win

Max of 40 lines


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  • I'm that voice - that you hear about, in your ear - my whereabouts
  • Not your eardrums, no, I'm near, around - not really, I'm surreally found
  • I'm delirium, now, wow, you don't take me serious - cannot even hear me out !
  • That voice is interior, boy, you see ?
  • You're voiceless -
  • Here's, fear you can drown in ..
  • Pray your strength has buoyancy
  • Prey for strength boy and see, do it
  • Bully that kid, call your aunt a b*tch
  • You're a d-bag, we were meant for each other
  • Just think about the tenants of lovers
  • Loving in your head rent free, you heard me right
  • You think they still love you, I-
  • *pop*
  • This damned Devil on my shoulder, won't get off
  • It gets off on me as it being enforcers and obeying them (stop)
  • I'm kosher, I refrain, I'm a rock
  • This damned Devil on my shoulder, so I dislocated it. -pop
  • Not really, an interesting read for a poem but as I write this wittily it starts to cramp,
  • Oof
  • It wanted to have me, to have me have you walk away with a hurt heft and a heart in halves,
  • Too
  • I've gone a little insane sometimes, sometimes wanna poke my cranium with a jav' through it,
  • Overall it's my own battle, to project my insecurities onto anyone isn't what Mav do
  • Consider shoulder replacement surgery if you answer yes to, well,
  • Have you?

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