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My response to his rattling off names No rules

Max of 30 lines


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  • See how he'd barely win, to come across as a close one
  • Damn it must be embarrassin', he almost lost to a poem.
  • As complacent as ever with your style being age-old in method
  • My angles are clever, barely ever low-hanging like clementines, this time ain't no way I'll be clement
  • So here's a painful remembrance
  • Can call it aiding and abetting how my words could finagle an empress, only if you have me paid in full to help ya outta that 3-to-tango dilemma –
  • To stop getting cucked in your love-triangle with Emma.
  • This guy sweeped her off her heels, had you writing in weeps for how it felt, it's not that deep you might as well,
  • Let the reaper kill yourself, take the leap of faith you fell, in love with a cheap hoe then she knelt,
  • To his waist now it's seeping out her mouth, he's been deeper in her pelvis than your own peepee could impel
  • Boy, I think I'll just keep her to myself . (Haha)
  • I rattled off names you're just reaping what you sowed, it's ramping up but I'm the steepest of the hills,
  • Way these bullets bank , talk bout a landslide can't pull ya self gettin washed with the other skull's rain,
  • See my wolf fangs, you sheep are getting pelted, it's maul slaying
  • The jolly saint is mall sleighing, sit on my lap kiddo I'mma show you how to let ya balls hang, like ornaments
  • And torment this adult, saying he's all about gang-banging like Young Dolph when blanks all rang through the nicer hoods
  • All you've rang was bells like Rudolph playing, terrorize my neighbors cuz you haul tanks, a sack of toys a real striker would
  • You're a bitch who hits the club for cocks no wonder you bump Tyler cuz you always GOLF WANG like a gay Tiger Woods
  • And ya can't wait til it'll pulsate, i'mma light it up...
  • Ya bars ain't on par with those false statements , only "pussy" you like is "kitty porn" thinkin I dick-ride you..but a tyker would
  • Prisoner of war in your mind I'm just tightening the vault chains, you John McCain and nobody likes ya input,
  • That's word to having ya back against the wall like Khay's, I've resolved "Bane" cuz I'm a "Bat"man, only time I'm not a "striker" bruh
  • From home run to a brisk walking, when I break in and risk mocking, tsk tsk naughty naughty ya doors I'd insist locking
  • It's all in the wrist how I'm cocking this pistol stalking, you meet me then "beat it" to go beat ya meat that's literal wrist cocking
  • After my fist socks you in that jaw you're in ya room with a fist, socking (like an injury issa kink prolly)
  • If he still cop an intriguing outcome, know this half my effort round 3 issa body,
  • Cuz DJ Malcolm really tryna siege an outcome, but I've turned the tables on em so ig unlike him I'm an actually Disk Jockey.
  • I'm iffy on his meager downfall , league and caliber's small , I could deck em with slapstick like this hockey
  • And it's like Fiji islands , how this OG still Bora Bora boring and diss softly.

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