Battles  DJMALCOLM vs Maverick


ZGW battle, 8 lines, 16-24 syllables per line

Max of 8 lines


Maverick won this battle!


This rap was deleted.


  • May take lifetimes to know what this kid wants, both 10-year writing climbs he chimes in from the pit sunk,
  • Rhymes FILLER to fit it's undeniable ain't studied what my writ's done, in my prime, you've hit none,
  • How a bitch punch, at the end of ya wit's – Couldn't 'show up' Entendre- let alone show up WITH ONE!
  • How ya styles cum, being yourself with them've calloused some for how much you fucking Malc 'em
  • Ask me how your first song was, the beat knocked and your verse got jumped, the mixing's cursed so get the wand ta'
  • Refurbish with an Oz touch; 'cause "DJ" must mean Davy Jones, your voice was immersed in his locka' !!
  • Funny your sign's Earth I do a lot of digging so let's call a spade a spade if he's trapped they'll mourn
  • Seen different writtens of his admittin' to down syndrome.. The most common trait of a Capricorn

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