Battles  Skittles2450 vs JuicyJobaJaba


Round 4. 16 bars. Roasting time >:)

Max of 19 lines


Skittles2450 won this battle!


  • You thought that you could take me, it's time to retort
  • Sorry man, it's far too late for you to abort
  • I don't even play a sport but I'd school you on the court
  • Then leave you crying for your mama inside your blanket fort
  • Roasted you so hard your phone died too, plug into the port
  • Dumb to support Trump, but you're the one he's about to deport
  • Got all these roasts I slammed on you that you're trying to sort
  • But you can't even see with your vision that I'm about to distort
  • Yo Jabba, need a map? You seem to be a bit lost
  • Did I knock the sense out of you, your eyes look crossed
  • No sense, and no cents, where's the money to cover the cost?
  • You thought you could lose for free? Time to get bossed.
  • I'm cold as frost, time to shiver away your every last dime
  • Thinking you had the opportunity to take the dub is a crime
  • Man, it's Round 4 and I'm not letting you win it this time
  • It's been well fought, but this battle victory is mine.


  • Here we go busting rhymes once again
  • Skittles has challenged me again, so let's see what u've got my friend
  • So judging by our rhymes so far we are indifferent
  • Well that ain't be what you're saying once you're finished
  • Throw me your best lyrical rhyme
  • Ouch that was sour like a lemon with a little bit of lime
  • I've been writing songs at free will, yes I've been very busy
  • So don't come at me like that you better not get lippy
  • Hey there's one more thing that I'm missing
  • It's my inability to recognize just exactly who you are dissing
  • Oh look over there it's a little kitten
  • This rhyme is too hot you better get you some mittens
  • One day I will be making songs professionally
  • And you will be dreaming about how to make better lyrics restlessly
  • Right now I'm writing this rap feeling stuffy like I have a cold, how about you?
  • So to kick a man while he's down, that seems kinda bold, and that's very true

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