Battles  Skittles2450 vs JuicyJobaJaba


No rules, just do 8 bar phrases and all will be fine.

Max of 9 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


  • Hello Mr. Jaba, time to throw some words at ya
  • By the end of this battle, I'm simply gonna say de nada
  • You're welcome for ending your career so soon
  • Putting it up in front of everyone and murdering it with a harpoon
  • It was only a matter of time before it was going to happen
  • The inevitable was obvious, you write like your ten
  • You wish you had the capability to hold your own against me
  • But sadly that's just not the case; behold my victory.


  • Well look here it's my boy Mr. Skittles
  • I'm sorry that my defense system is too vital and packed with missiles
  • You can't get through, you came too soon and your troops were not ready
  • I just scared your country's leader like five nights at Freddy's
  • Now this didn't have to happen, but you came forth
  • You my friend are speechless and have no retort
  • But rhyming is good for you and healthy for the soul
  • Both of our raps are really on a roll👍

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