Battles  JuicyJobaJaba vs Skittles2450


No rules: Round 3 just 16 bar phrases

Max of 16 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


  • You know what they say, third time's a charm
  • He didn't want to give up so he grabbed me by the arm
  • So here comes another fresh rap
  • When it's over there will be applause and a lot of claps
  • One day you might see me on the TV
  • You'll be like, hey I knew him from school! What's up G?
  • So go grab your slippers cause it's gonna be a long night
  • Your beard's getting messy go get you some clippers
  • You tell me that I've got no game, what are you saying?
  • Those raps make me wanna jump out the window pane
  • To do rap you gotta be ready to throw stuff out at any moment
  • You gotta be like fresh paint that's just been coated
  • Hey, maybe when we're done with this rap we can both strive to climb to the top
  • Maybe write raps while we're sitting by the river and skipping rocks
  • So what do you say? Does it sound like a deal?
  • I'm getting pretty hungry let's go grab a meal


  • Okay Mr. Jaba, it's time for Round 3
  • I'm starting to realize what's been defeating me
  • It's your kindness that's subtly roasting to victory
  • So I'll just have to kill this verse very kindly
  • You're one hell of a guy, that's easy to observe
  • You come at me with confidence and a verse to serve
  • In a universe full of awesome you truly deserve
  • The recognition you earned as a friend with some nerve
  • You came to me and recommended this website RapPad
  • And asked to battle me, I expected it to be bad
  • But in the end, what we started ended up to be rad
  • And for this new competition we started, I'm glad :)

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