Battles  JuicyJobaJaba vs Skittles2450


Rematch from our last tie: No rules just another friendly battle

Max of 10 lines


JuicyJobaJaba won this battle!


  • Here we go again, time to wreak havoc
  • Hey this is RapPad why you sound like Brad Pitt?
  • You have to write you own raps before you run out of time
  • You can't copy them and you cannot pantomime
  • You like to laugh at me and call me shameful
  • I'm like Jake Paul, "It's every day bro"
  • I had a birthday, I just turned 17
  • I'm rising to the top and you're sitting there just making memes
  • I chose to accept this challenge and bring myself out into the light
  • I think this rap is about done, I just dropped the mic


  • Oh Mr. Jaba, welcome back to the fight
  • We tied it up last time but I'm here to end this right
  • Not with harsh comments made purely out of spite to fill you with fright
  • But with clever lines to shine bright, want a Cranberry Sprite?
  • That was cheesy, but at least my rhyme game's tight
  • And my bars are so fire, they're enough to ignite
  • So hide your morning "wood", it's about to burn real bright
  • Because my flow's lighting flames to everything in sight.
  • Your battle was a nice contender to deliver a bite
  • But enough to take me down? Eh, not quite.

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