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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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This blog post answers the questions I get asked the most via email, the Facebook page, and on the forums. Right now there's just two, but I'll update it as questions come in...

How do I get better at X, Y, Z?

We have tutorials are making beats and improving your rap skills.

Why is there no mobile app?

I experimented with creating an app on Android, but I couldn't get the quality to be something I was proud of.

Managing two different codebases is very challenging and I realized that dividing my efforts leads to a poor mobile and poor web experience. Instead, I doubled-down on making the RapPad website mobile-friendly.

You can add RapPad to your home screen by following this video tutorial.

That being said all the work I did get done for the app is still reusable and open source. Feel free to build on it.

Why can't I upload my song to RapPad?

RapPad uses Soundcloud and YouTube instead of direct file uploads. These are the de-facto platforms that rappers are already (or should) be using.

The costs for hosting media files, at the scale that RapPad is at, is very expensive. I can't provide hosting while maintaining a free service.

Besides, I prefer RapPad being a platform where you can increase your audience and view/play counts on the other sites you're already using. In short, I want RapPad to work with what people are already using, not replace them.

How do I become a verified producer?

To be a verified producer you need solid beats and proof that your beats are good. You should send some of your beats to our Facebook page, but don't bother if your beats haven't been used by artists. We like to hear people actually using your beats.

What if my lyrics are stolen?

You can see how we handle copyright and stolen lyrics in this blog post.

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