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Community Guidelines

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RapPad strives to be the best place online where you can express yourself through the art of rap. The community guidelines help with this by letting users know what is and isn't acceptable.

  1. Posting gore, porn, or any other "shocking" media on any parts of the website will get you immediately banned and your content removed.
  2. Spam is against the rules. The following constitutes as spam:
    • When you share the same piece of content (such as a link, rap, etc.) more than once a day on the Forum. You are allowed to bump previously created threads.
    • When you create new threads with meaningless topics that don't spur conversation. (threads with titles such as "yo" or "sup")
    • When you create multiple threads in a short period of time (for example, 3 threads in 2 minutes), regardless of topic.
    • When you create a new thread with a directed title, 'i.e Hey user, come chat here'. (you should post on their profile page instead.)
  3. Hate speech, cyber bullying, doxxing, or other threats are not tolerated outside of a Battle. Since this is a subjective issue, an admin will make a call on what this constitutes.
  4. Creating a new account after you have been banned is not allowed. If your account resembles a previously banned account, the new account will be banned as well.
  5. Stealing lyrics from the internet or other RapPad users and using them in battles, cyphers, or any other area of the site where recognition is given is not allowed.
    • If you copy lyrics from any source, to either analyze or keep them then just set them to private so only you can see them.
    • This includes re-using lyrics for battles or cyphers.
  6. Commenting on threads that were created more than 2 months ago with no valuable contribution to the discussion is not allowed.
  7. Hijacking threads to get people to check out your battle, rap, or other content is frowned upon.
    • Hijacking is when you share a piece of content unrelated to the ongoing discussion in a thread.
  8. Impersonating other accounts, individuals (including celebrities, public figures, or other artists), making a meme account, or having a username that may offend the community.
  9. Do not share your account with anybody else.
  10. Do not make posts about the actions of admins such as banning, retiring, or deleting threads. You should also not make posts advocating for the banning of individuals. If you have a problem with another user (or admin), you should report them directly using the instructions below.

Community Managers

There are currently 3 community managers. You can contact them below. If you are contacting us because you feel you were wrongfully banned, you should message the admin that banned you otherwise your message will be ignored.

You cannot apply to be a community manager.

  1. General Support Line
  2. Fratricide
  3. 7teen20nine
  4. Milton

You can also reach us on Discord.

When a rule is violated a community manager will post on your profile to let you know. Repeatedly violating the rules will lead to a ban.

A ban will set all your raps to unlisted, remove your profile picture, and alter your profile page. You will be unable to write or make changes to any of your songs.

How To Report Offenses

We will need the name of the account and link to a few comments that contain the content. You can link directly to a post by right-clicking the date.


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