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Battle on April 4 2024


  • yo this goes out to slump-c atleast i have a bitch mother fucker atleast i have a dick mother fucker why u oppin lil nigga u js copin nigga i hope u die get shot when u pull up to our block when i shoot u u look shocked ima put several holes in ur brain nigga several holes in ur vain nigga we in las vegas seein the stripers on the pole like u js a lil hoe so back down lil nigga (lil nigga) i pull out my glock like nigga why u backin off in my room with my girl i was jackin off ur in fertile u dumas nigga ur face is bulit like a turtle u dummas nigga i hope u fall off a bridge kill ur self ur dick is small as an elf this y u lonely this is why u stuck on the shelf (lil nigga) ur not about that life ur not that ur not gangster u dont got people back u are a snitch (a dum bitch) i bump into u got ur wallet im a stealer nigga tryna make a profit i also make money as a drug dealer u want some like i siad nigga ur infertile u cant cum the hood is paridaise welcome to the kingdom when ur in the hood u got to use ur wisdom u dum scum this is my new album i hope we can be friends but i dont think so this is the w.e.s.t if u werent here u would't copie my flow but hey if u wanna join my gang we can flip a coin but welcome to the west side (blooods) lil nigga and hope off my dick d 1 glazing im the trial blazing the masterpiece creating nigga u js faking west side lil nigga


  • u say u a blood but you dont bang shi. u aint got no money to send out a hit. cuz you just a boy n u jus a jit. yo bitch at my crib she be strokin my shi. boy ill come through vegas n put yo ass down. you jus a dawg get yo ass to the pound. u aint slide on no niggas ion see you around. jus like yo grandma put you in the ground. you jus got a gun upgrade from the knife. keep the pip wit you you im takin your dissin on me but im dissin right back. bent yo bitch over im breakin her back. to cope wit yo feelings might need some crack. fuck regular glocks keep a switch on the back. bitch you from vegas n im from fl. aint none of u make it you takin an L. i got foolio, nardo, and X. talk about goats well bitch i am next. u is the type to run back to yo ex. i am the type to keep makin these checks. ya lets go lets get it. im a goat i admit it. did this shi by myself i did it. you say that you step but we know you aint wit it. tap yo bitch from the back ya she let me hit it.

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